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Edinburgh screen printed 100% cotton bags

On 20th October a 5 pence tax on all shopping bags came into force in Scotland. Perfect time to invest in an Edinburgh Sketcher cotton bag.


Afternoon Edinburgh, I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, albeit with a cold wind too. Here are my latest additions to my online shop. 100% cotton bags screen printed with two EdinburghSketcher designs.


The first is a cropped version of The Shore illustration with the title ‘Leith’, screen printed in black and blue ink. I love that the blue ink is called ‘Deacon Blue’. The other design is a cropped version of the popular Victoria Street sketch, in back and purple ink. With the simple ‘Victoria St.’ beneath.


You can now buy both UK made cotton bags from my shop for £9.50 each plus £2 pnp. They will soon be available around the capital so look out for them on the streets of Edinburgh. They fold up very small, perfect to fit into your hand bag or back pack, ensuring you won’t be caught out next time you get to the till!


Below are the original sketches and links to the corresponding posts.