Down by the Shore

TheShorea When asked recently if I could create a sketch down at The Shore in Leith I was very surprised to find I hadn’t done so already. This is an iconic view of the Shore, the beautiful cobbled streets and gabled ended tall houses by the harbour remind me of mainland Europe, Brugges or Amsterdam perhaps.

I was commissioned by a couple who were emigrating overseas and wanted a view of the area to remind them of home. The sketch turned out well, I was going to colour it but didn’t want to lose any of the detail or make it too dark, which can sometimes happen when I add watercolour. The couple were very pleased with the result and I wish them all the best with their move. I like the idea of my sketch hanging in another country, reminding them of Edinburgh.


If you would like to commission a sketch of a favourite view or building then get in touch HERE to discuss further.


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