Victoria Street, Edinburgh

VictoriaStreetVictoria Street, so iconic to Edinburgh. Its cobbles, curved lines, wee galleries and eateries making it a must see place and a favourite picture postcard to send home for many a visitor.

I have been meaning to draw the street for a while but couldn’t decide which angle, the view down from the top is just as stunning. I sketched a lose view from the top a couple of years ago, the link is below so you can see. The busy thoroughfare runs down from the George IV Bridge to the Grassmarket and is the main route from The Royal Mile to the historic market square.


I’m thinking of making this sketch the second in my wrap around cushion series. Here is a mock up of what it would look like, what do you think? Follow the link below to see my previous cushion ‘The Shore’.


Prints are available from £18 HERE, get in touch at for more information about the cushions.



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