My Wedding Sketcher

Capturing your special day in ink and watercolour

Wedding SketcherIt is a privilege to capture such a day with my art.

As a wedding sketcher I attend the event and move around in the background drawing the details which catch my eye, like the flower arrangements, personal decorations, architectural details and colourful guests!

Slightly nervous at first I always relax into it once the first sketch is done, and soon have a sketch book full of pen and watercolour illustrations which capture the day in an original way.

Key locations or events to sketch during the day can be discussed before hand but I always like to draw the ceremony and venue exterior.

Above are a few of my wedding books which I have printed with all the sketches and some hand written notes for the bride and groom. Originals and prints can also be purchased as part of the tailored service.

A Wedding Sketcher package creates a personal, original memory of your special day, and also can be a perfect present for the bride and groom who have everything!

You can see more wedding sketches on my dedicated Instagram page: @MyWeddingSketcher

Leave a message below for more information and I will be in touch, or email me on

28 thoughts on “My Wedding Sketcher”

  1. Hi Ysa, thanks for the message, I will send you an email with details and a few examples today. MArk, ES

  2. Hi there, I was wondering how much it would be to have a picture of our friends’ wedding day done as a gift for them?

  3. Hello Amy, thank you for getting in touch. I have a few options including on the day sketching and original pieces so will drop you an email with some examples and more details. Mark

  4. Hi. My friend is getting married at the end of April at Dunkeld House Hotel and I was wondering about a sketch as a gift. Can your give me an idea of pricing and whether that’s possible?

  5. Hi Courtney, thanks for getting in touch and I am intrigued to hear more. I will drop you an email shortly!
    Mark, MWS

  6. Hello! I was hoping to know a bit more about your pricing and what you can do for weddings as I have quite a specific request!

    TIA x

  7. Hello, we are getting married in west Calder in July 22 and would love to have you are our wedding. I was wanting to enquire about a quote and availability. Thank you

  8. Hi, we were just at the Edinburgh Wedding Exhibition and my fiancé and I were both very taken with your work. Could we please have a quote?
    Many Thanks

  9. Hello,
    I love this idea for my wedding next July (24th) . Can you please give me some more information about your wedding sketcher package?

    Kind regards


  10. Hi.
    Would like to know if you are available for our upcoming wedding on 12/11/21 and what you could offer and costs please. This looks like a fabulous addition to our day. Thank you Heather

  11. Hello Janie, thanks for getting in touch and congratulations to you and your family. I will send you an email with some details and examples.

  12. I’d like some more info please – 2 daughters with wedding parties next year in Scotland ; both smaller peronal events and would be interested to know how you work and of course the cost.

  13. Hello Alicja,
    Congratulations, I will send you some details and examples of the things I can do, whether they be live on the day or from photographs after the event. Speak soon, Mark.

  14. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could tell us more about your packages and prices. My fiance and I are getting married in 3 weeks time and wondering what other lovely touches can we add. But brutal reality of costs needs to come before the magic of art and romance:((
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards

  15. Hi Hope, thanks for the comment and I will email you more details and some examples. Mark, ES

  16. Hello,

    My fiancé and I fell in love with your work at a small cafe just outside of edinburgh where they were being sold. We bought two, one for a another couple friend of ours who just got married in south Queensferry, so we bought the one of the Forth Bridge. We’re getting married ourselves in March in Texas. He proposed in/on St Andrews beach. How much would you charge for one of your sketches?


  17. Hi Tracy. Hopefully you have received my email and I look forward to hearing from you. Mark, ES

  18. Hi Rachel. Hopefully you have received my email and I look forward to hearing from you. Mark, ES

  19. Hi Tracy. Thanks for getting in touch and yes I can, and often do sketch from photos. I will email with you details and a couple of examples shortly. Mark, ES

  20. Hi, Im looking for some details about wedding packages? We get married at House for an Art Lover on Friday 15 Novemeber. If you are available please can you provide a quote? I was also wondering how much a sketch of our venue would cost?

    Thank you

  21. Hi. We were hoping to get a sketch of our friend’s wedding venue in Lisbon. Could you do something from a picture, what sort of cost would it be and how long would it take – we are up against it!
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

  22. Hi Rosie. Thanks for getting in touch and your kind comments. I will email you shortly with more details and some examples. Mark, ES

  23. Hello,

    I am really interested in your wedding sketching for my wedding October 24th 2020. It would be great to hear from you if you are available on this date, what you offer and a quotation if possible.
    I love your work and love the idea of having such talent capturing our very special day.

    Look forward to hearing from you

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