Sketching workshops

Immerse yourself in a morning, or afternoon of creativity and appreciation for your surroundings in one of my sketching workshops.

No prior knowledge is required for my workshops, I welcome sketchers of all abilities and can provide all materials and share all my tips and techniques to get you going, or to tweak the skills you already have.

I have a simple 2.5 hour sketching workshop available for all where all you need is to turn up with some pen and paper, although I can supply materials if you wish. We will meet on location and create a number of sketches using ink pens, working on our confidence in capturing the world around us through a number of small drawings.

My 3.5 hour workshops are more specialised and will include adding colour to our sketches using watercolours. These sessions will begin and end at the Arienas Collective in Edinburgh’s New Town where we can relax, have a tea or coffee and a biscuit before adding finishing touches and mounting one of our pieces at the end of the workshop.

You will leave with an increased knowledge in the way I work and a renewed confidence in your ability to capture the world around you in ink and watercolours.

City Life in St Andrews Square – 3.5 hours
£65 (Includes materials and refreshments)

Thursday 23rd June (2pm – 5.30pm)
Friday 26th August (10am – 1.30pm)
Thursday 8th September (10am – 1.30pm)

Perspectives in Circus Lane – 3.5 hours
£65 (Includes materials and refreshments)

Sunday 1st May (1pm – 4.30pm)
Monday 4th July (10am – 1.30pm)
Sunday 14th August (10am – 1.30pm)

Nature at King’s Park – 3.5 hours
£65 (Includes materials and refreshments)

Friday 20th May (1pm – 4.30pm)
Thursday 21st July (1pm – 4.30pm)
Thursday 22nd September (10am – 1.30pm)

Landscapes to Fife – 3.5 hours
£65 (Includes materials and refreshments)

Friday 17th June (10am – 1.30pm)

Still Life Sketching – 3.5 hours
£65 (Includes materials and refreshments)

Sunday 20th April (2pm – 5.30pm) POSSIBLE

Bookbinding and Sketching Full Day – 7 hours
£150 (Includes materials and refreshments)

Sunday 4th September (10am – 5.00pm)

This course is also available online as a number of videos and pieces of kit sent to your door. Click here to find out more.

One to One Sketching – 3 hours
£250 (Includes all materials and refreshments)

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