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My latest portrait

Today I worked on this, a pen portrait of my wee twins, Zoe and James. I’m almost finished and pretty pleased. It is always hard to put the pen down and admit you have finished though, often resulting in going too far and over working a drawing.
I thought I would share this quick photo of the sketch and the photograph, but will scan the finished portrait tomorrow.
Night night for now sketch fans!

Summer came to Edinburgh

An absolutely gorgeous day here in Edinburgh today, not a cloud in the sky and my child’s thermometer measured 34.2 degrees in my garden. Honest. We four had a great day in our wee garden, my wife cut the grass and clipped the shrubs while I got to play with the twins.

I also made this watercolour sketch of them enjoying the sunshine. James is happy in his ‘bumbo’ seat as Zoe hits the ‘playgym’ behind. Soon after we took a walk down to Granton Harbour for a look at the boats, a great place to sketch on the docks. I bet there’s a lovely sunset down there about now.