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African Woman and Child, an Edinburgh sculpture

This beautiful and emotive bronze sculpture by Anne Davidson stands in the south east corner of Festival Square.

Scottish sculptor, artist and teacher Anne Davidson (1937 – 2008) was commissioned by Edinburgh City Council to create a piece to symbolise the city’s stand against apartheid.

The sculpture depicts a woman standing with a young child in front of the suggestion of a shantytown. It was unveiled in 1986 and stands by the edge of Festival Square on Lothian Road.

Anne studied and taught at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen and her commissioned works are on public view in Scotland and abroad.

Its always been one of my favourite sculptures in the city, and is very moving to see. Perhaps because it is a recent subject compared with many in Edinburgh and one that depicts a struggle that surely goes on today.

I have been meaning to sketch it for some time so it was nice to capture it in watercolour for my WhereArtI competition.

Glorious Kelpies in the afternoon sunshine

This week I was sketching in Stirling and stopped in on the Kelpies on my way home.

I love seeing these magnificent 30 metre high sculptures up close, and each time I pass by them whilst travelling the M9 I wish I had more time to stop and have a closer look. This week I made time and it is only the second time I have visited the Andy Scott sculptures since they appeared here 2013

Rising high above the M9 the 300 tonne sculptures reside at Helix Park on the Union Canal, between Falkirk and Grangemouth on a large piece of ground which also houses a visitor centre and huge climbing playground.

There is lots to do at The Helix and well worth a visit not just for the awe inspiring Kelpies, for more information follow the link below.

The Helix website

Ice cold Sketching as Edinburgh’s Christmas comes to life

IceAdventure nessie As Edinburgh’s city centre is once again transformed into a magical, colourful and sparkly wonderland for Christmas I visited one of this years highlights on George Street.

There is a huge blue structure at the East end of George Street which is housing some beautiful and very temporary pieces of art, sculptures made of ice kept from melting by a bitterly cold -10degree atmosphere. Life size stags, Vikings and Kelpies line the walk way through a mythical history of Scotland.

I visited as finishing touches were being made to some of the frozen figures and as I quickly removed my gloves to sketch I realised my watercolours were beginning to crystallize!!

IceAdventure horse

Lit  from spotlights all around the watery ice sparkled giving each piece a magical mystical quality, perfect for Nessie.

Tickets can be booked via the link below, do not miss these beautiful sculptures and remember to wrap up warm!

Edinburgh’s Christmas website

This watercolour was drawn in my new ArtGecko sketchbook which combines high quality paper with a hard back cover – perfect for drawing on the go when you don’t have a clipboard to lean on. 

Autumnal symmetry at the Gyle Shopping Centre

The Gyle - WAI041117 EENLast week I was out at the Gyle shopping centre for a meeting and noticed this avenue of colour which separates the shops from the offices.

In the centre is a small sculpture which I thought to be in the form of a plant but thanks to Canmore online I found our it is called ‘Stacked Spades’ which I rather like. I couldn’t find out who made it though so please let me know if you can.

There are a number of sculptures throughout the 90’s development, and with the added colours from this beech hedge make for some beautiful views in an unexpected location.

Drawing made on location in black ink fineliner and watercolour, in an artgecko sketchbook

The Gyle Shopping Centre website.

Look out for the Giants…

GiantswebTake a look in the trees around the Scottish Parliament just now and you might think you are seeing things. Giant faces constructed out of wicker, tree branches and plants are likely to be looking down at you.


Part of the Year of Natural Scotland 2013, The City of Edinburgh Council and Historic Scotland have come together to bring these unique pieces of nature into Edinburgh, where they will hang, growing and changing with the seasons.

This afternoon I was there to sketch as the 6ft sculptures were raised into the trees just by the Park Ranger’s Cottage outside the Parliament.

Created by independent arts company Vision Mechanics, the giants in Holyrood Park are just part of the project, there are more in Yellowcraigs Forest  Falkland Palace and elsewhere in Scotland.

Vision Mechanics didn’t do it all themselves, children were there from local schools Abbeyhill and Royal Mile to add the finishing touches and most importantly; name the giants. This one I sketched is called ‘TreeRex’.


The heads will change as the seasons do as they have living and flowering plants amongst the branches so make sure you head down to the bottom of the Royal Mile, just past the Scottish Parliament and look up, or you’ll miss them.


For more information visit the Giants in the Forest website HERE.