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Edinburgh Science Festival launch date

This week I was at the Edinburgh Science Festival press launch and as it was half term, I took along the Sketcher Twins (now aged 7).

To mark 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon, this years festival which runs from April 6th to 21st takes Frontiers as its theme.

In science to push the frontiers of knowledge must be an everyday occurrence as more of the unknown becomes known in all aspects of life.

And after an initial look at the programme of this 31st Edinburgh Science Festival shows that the frontiers of size have certainly been pushed with a huge number of events planned in both familiar and new locations around the city.

Being half term I thought the Sketcher Twins could come along and they were glad they did so when presented with an ice cream seller making fruity deserts using dry ice and a mixer. The blast of smoke and resulting sorbet topped with popping candy made for quite a spectacle.

I was very impressed with my mini sketchers drawings from the following auditorium talks too, both ST1 and ST2 were so well behaved and sketched as I did, whilst listening and watching highlights of the upcoming festival.

Below are their drawings from the morning, although I am not sure where the digger came from!

I look forward to seeing as much as possible with my kids, who are already circling events to go see in the programme!

For more details see the full line up of events here:

Edinburgh Science Festival website

Edinburgh International Science Festival launched with an evening of messy fun

ScienceFestival 2018 ERSurgery
Last night I sketched at the Edinburgh International Science Festival launch night at the City Art Centre in Market Street.

24 hours ago I was creating sparkly slime on the third floor of the City Art Centre. Protected with goggles and an apron I miced my sticky potion until once happy with the consistancy, I launched it at a huge target on the wall, creating a satisfactory splat.

ScienceFestival 2018 SplatTastic

Over five floors the City Art Centre has once again been transformed in to a laboratory of messy and fascinating experiments. I loved creating scabs by congealing a bloody mixture in the blood bar as well as drawing with mini robotic cubes.

ScienceFestival 2018 LegoHoops

There was also Lego building, hula hooping and having ago at 3D pain gin using a virtual Dalits headset. Great fun for all the adults there last night for the ‘Lates’ version of the popular Science Festival location. The City Art Centre is always popular with families as you can easily spend the whole day inside touring the many experiences, some of which can be booked in advance but also many are simply drop in so there is always something to see and do.

ScienceFestival 2018 Hyped

ScienceFestival 2018 VRealityVisitors book a day pass and then can explore as many of the experiences as they wish. Have a look through the many interactive activities via the link below. I am looking forward to returning soon as I only got around about half of what is on offer!

ScienceFestival 2018 BloodBar

Edinburgh International Science Festival at the City Art Centre.

My sketches we created on the night using an ink fineliner 0.5 and a water brush and small paint set. If you would like your event sketched then I offer half and full day packages. Email me HERE for more information.

ScienceFestival 2018 CityArtCentre 2

A day at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

ScienceFestival_2016jpgI spent the day at the City Art Centre, home to the Edinburgh International Science Festival until April 10th.

With an aim to ‘inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the world around them’ the two-week festival gives audiences amazing experiences through a diverse programme of innovative events. Although the festival is spread out around the capital, the City Art Centre remains the flagship family venue and boasts six floors of fun experiments and workshops to keep the whole family entertained.

I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to return next week with the Sketcher Twins. Highlights include creating slime to be splatted against a huge target, and the Photolab where youngsters can create their own image on photographic paper in a darkroom.

Each floor is cleverly split into workshops appealing to different ages, so there is something for all the family on each level. Take a packed lunch, there is a room on the top floor for you to eat it and remember to check the website below where you can book some of the workshops before you arrive.

My sketch today was drawn as I walked around the event in black ink pen and watercolour. Below are a few close ups of my drawing. If you would like your event sketched get in touch at contact@edinburghsketcher.com

The Edinburgh International Science Festival website.


ScienceFestival_2016a ScienceFestival_2016b ScienceFestival_2016c


A farmers market with a scientific twist

SCIMART_SummerhallToday the family and I visited Summerhall. The former Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, now a creative hub for the arts played host to SciMart, a farmers market with a difference.


Along with the usual cooking demonstrations and local food maker stalls tempting us with wee treats there was also a few rarer sights. Food producers, chefs and researchers demonstrated and explained the science behind some of our common and not so common food items, from beehives and honey, to insects and worm canapés!


There were also some great science projects and experiments in the Summerhall courtyard which had the kids crowding around. For our two wee toddlers though I think the favourite had to be the IQ Superfood Chocolate stall and their yummy tasters 🙂


Don’t worry if you missed today’s event, there are similar goings on throughout the Edinburgh Science Festival until 20th April, and in two weeks time there is the Mini Maker Faire at SummerHall, see the links below for more information.