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A view through the Botanics

A stunning view on today’s walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh.

Out on my walk today and I had to stop and try and capture this view through the botanical gardens. Looking back through the trees to the Chinese gardens you can see the three spires of St Mary’s Cathedral in the distance.

Inverleith House is just around the corner on the right, with the gallery and cafe too. I love a walk through the ever changing gardens, and think of myself very lucky to have such a walk near to home.

Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh website.

Autumn in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh

AutumnLeavesCones_RBGEToday’s sketch is of a few items I gathered after a lovely walk through the Botanics on Sunday. 


Fir cones, pine needles and golden, crunchy leaves. All things which now carpet the RBGE grounds along with busy squirrels, gathering the falling acorns and stashing them out of sight. Head there just now to see the wonderful colours as the low autumn sunshine streams through the few leaves that still hang on the trees.


I could spend days, weeks there and not sketch the same scene twice. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. This sketch is drawn in fine liner ink, no pencil. With a water colour wash to finish.


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A Royal view

A walk through the @TheBotanics today, it was milder than I thought it would be – the cloud lying low across the city was keeping us warm. I pushed the pram to the top of the hill in the gardens and found a bench infront of Inverleith House, from which to feed the kids.

I’m looking forward to the summer when the four of us can head up there with a blanket and have a picnic. Last summer the twins couldn’t sit up, let alone crawl around.

This is the view of Edinburgh Castle from the top, through the trees and over the roof tops. It’s one of my favourite views of the castle, as the city seems so close yet in the peace of the gardens it could be so far away.

I’ve added a simple three stripe colour wash in photoshop. Let me know what you think below.

Botanic blood boiler

Went to @TheBotanics on Saturday, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh.

However we were chased out of the Terrace Cafe by a stinking mop and bucket. Why must staff put chairs up and mop around tables before closing time? It leaves a bad taste – literally as I could only smell (and taste) dettle in the air. I was put off my coffee and cake (very important!) and the family next to us felt they had to rush their food after being assured they had time to eat before sitting down.

I know plenty of cafes and restaurants do this, but it winds me up, especially where food is being served. And it is unnecessary, if the staff want to get away early then they should adjust their closing times accordingly, and only start cleaning the restaurant after customers have left. 

Rant over. The sketch is of Inverleith House, just next to the Terrace Cafe, go early 😉