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A Field Full of Poppies

My sketch to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One, drawn in black ink with a red watercolour wash.

This 15cm x 15cm drawing I created is now available to buy as either a limited print or the original, with a donation from each sale going to PoppyScotland, a Scottish charity for veterans of the British Armed Forces and their dependants.

The drawing is part imagination, part from many photographs of stunning poppy fields in France. Drawn in black ink fine liner with the red watercolour paint highlighting the striking colour of the flowers. Poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War One ended.

I have 100 giclee signed prints measuring 15cm x 15cm available for £25 each, with £5 from each sale donated to PoppyScotland. Each print is presented in a mount and clear envelope.

The original (above) is also currently available for £75, with £25 to be donated to PoppyScotland.


Lest we forget

RemembrancePoppyThis year over 40 million poppies will be sold in the UK, over 5 million of them in Scotland. This is mine, sketched yesterday in a cafe on the Royal Mile.

Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the end of World War One, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month services throughout the nation will pay respect to the millions killed, injured and effected in that conflict and those since Armistice Day, 1919.

A two minute silence will be held as people stop what they are doing for a moment and remember the sacrifices made. The Royal British Legion are custodians of the anniversary and for more information or to buy a poppy see the link below. You can also pick up a poppy in most shops, for a donation.


‘Not forgotten, and never will be.’


I wear my poppy as a token of respect, a sign that those lives lost are not forgotten, and never will be.

This poppy I have sketched is the Scottish version, slightly different to the rest of the UK. I sketched one of those last year. Today’s illustration is in black ink with a watercolour wash.



Below I have included a cropped version, which you can (right-click, ‘save as’) download and use as your personal icon on social media websites. Show your respect today.



Never forget

A week today at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month people will fall silent for two minutes to pay respect to the men and women who have paid the ultimate price fighting for our freedom.

The poppy is the symbol of remembrance and of the Poppy Appeal. Poppy Collectors appear in late October so everyone can make a donation and wear their poppy for remembrance.

The two minute silence at 11am is just one of many events taking place next Sunday to remember lives lost since the First World War. For more information about Remembrance Day and the other events taking place visit The Royal British Legion website HERE.