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Visit the King’s Wark for a night in

My latest #supportabusinesssketch is for The King’s Wark. These drawings in pencil and watercolour are to say thank you for keeping us all going during the pandemic 😊👍

The Sketcher family recently ordered a seafood platter from this 15th Century Leith pub and restaurant to enjoy at home. We dressed up as if going out and had a lovely night in sharing our wonderful meal. I hope we can all visit in person soon.

Visit the King’s Walk website and ask about their famous takeaway platters. We thoroughly recommend them!!

Rain on Morrison street

This week I had a couple of meetings in town and took cover from the sudden downpours we have been experiencing recently.

This sketch is drawn on Morrison street from the Pronto coffee bar looking over the busy junction to the striking Scottish Widows building.

I tried to capture the falling rain and wet sandstone on the buildings, and the many office workers rushing around with umbrellas shielding them from the heavy rain.

I do like drawing people holding umbrellas, I’m not sure why. Perhaps its because I don’t have to deal with their faces! It is a great way of setting the scene, along with a few reflections on the ground you can quickly show how the rain is soaking the street.

This sketch was drawn with a fine liner and watercolour wash on location.

Afternoon reflections on Edinburgh windows

treerefelctions1Yesterday I was near to the Meadows park in Edinburgh’s South Side when I noticed the beautiful reflections on the tall tenement windows.

As the sun began to set over Edinburgh’s central park, the houses that run around the edge shone with a beautiful gradient of colours, with dark angular shapes showing the mighty trees hanging on to their final leaves.

Often wen sketching, knowing when to stop can be a difficult task. An over worked line drawing can look too dark, messy and leaving the white areas can be just as important as marking the dark. Adding colour can be the same, often I add watercolour to the whole image only then wishing I had left more white to show the contrast.

So on this sketch I asked social media, should I add colour to the sandstone or leave the sketch with only the window panes coloured?

If was a close thing with the ‘leave it like it is’ option winning 22 : 18.

So here it is once scanned. I like the fact the windows are highlighted by being the only part coloured in, sometimes it is good just to step back from the picture and leave it for a while. You can always come back to it later.

This sketch was drawn on location with a 0.3 fineliner and watercolours.


Reflections on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

ThreeRedBoxesThe rain in Edinburgh doesn’t usually last long, often drying up for strong sunshine and glimpses of rainbows spanning the city.

Days such as these are great for drawing reflections outdoors, the sunshine kept me warm as I drew this strong reflection of the three red telephone boxes on the High Street.


Head out next time the rain starts and try and capture a mirrored image. Of course you have to be quick  as the showers will return!


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