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A night at the Museum

MuseumLates_SilentDiscoLast night I attended the RBS Museum Lates event at the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street, Edinburgh.


The after hours event is an extravaganza of entertainment, culture, live music and surprises; like this silent disco (left) which was very popular. Very strange to hear only dancers singing the words, and whoops of delight as a favourite song was played.

The night coincided with the final final few days of the current exhibition: ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’, which runs until the 17th November.

I arrived early and headed to the Museum Brasserie for some dinner, and found this delicious gluten free burger, along with chunky chips.


With the main hall filling up with revellers and the DJs playing the dance music I headed up to the top floor to see this view of the main hall, the exhibits look on as guests mingle and have a drink at the bar. Including the mighty moose at the back of the room, can you see it? Click  on the sketches for larger versions.













The smaller rooms were free to explore and as well as the usual exhibits to look at there were also a few surprises. Above centre you can see people having there faces painted while underneath a huge plane hangs from the ceiling. And above right visitors get chance to make there own artwork and badges with help from the Red Door Gallery, underneath the skeleton of a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex!


Finally I love this one, it sums up the night perfectly. An Amur Tiger, one of the exhibits on the third floor sits in front of a glitter ball, sparkling down on the main hall below. There were sights like this all night, two worlds combining. You can’t help thinking what the perminant residents are all thinking 🙂


Look out for the next Museums Lates night, it really is a great experience, and a super way to show off the Museum; it’s exhibits and the beautiful building. And in the mean time visit the museum before the 17th November to see the extremely interesting, and harrowing story of Mary, Queen of Scots.




RBS Museum Lates night


On Friday night I was lucky enough to attend the latest RBS MuseumsLate night at the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street. The events are run four times a year and are themed around the current exhibition, this time being the Vikings!

The evenings are adult only ticketed events with live music, food and a couple of bars in the main hall, showing the museum in a whole new light.

The montage above shows all my separate doodles put together but I will separate them out below so you can see them a little clearer. I used a range of mediums including fine ink pens, Letraset markers and watercolourwashes on the night. MainHall

This was my first sketch before the doors had opened to the public and down in the main hall staff were hurrying to set everything up.


For this one I was looking down from the stairwell, visitors could get their photos taken dressed as Vikings in front of a stand with a painted boat. All in the quizzical gaze of the Giant Deer.


Many visitors came dressed for the part, but for those who did not you could make yourself a Viking helmet and ask the face painters to give you scars and bloody noses, as if fresh from battle.


This sketch shows the main hall with a bar and many visitors all listening to the music being played on the stage to the left. You can see the lighthouse light to the right and the gazebo to the left, recognizable from the museums usual day to day appearance.