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Reflections on my sketches

Last Friday was National Selfie Day and to mark the occasion I was asked to sketch a lift mirror in the Apex Grassmarket hotel.

I took over the mirror on Thursday night and drew my design using Posca pens. These markers are a revelation I discovered when I drew on the window of the west end shop Paper Tiger.

They can draw over almost any surface and have the added bonus of being easy to clean off after a promotion.

I loved the challenge of drawing on such a large scale and using the grey and silver markers made for a great effect.

I imagine this would work well at a wedding event, a large scale piece drawn for the night and personal to the bride and groom.

If you are interested in discussing me making a bespoke illustration for your event then let me know.

Thank to Apex Hotels for commissioning me, and to Matt Beech for the photograph of me drawing šŸ™‚

Summer flyer anyone?

Would anyone like to commission artwork for a flyer this summer?

IĀ  know Easter is yet to arrive but the Edinburgh Festival is only just around the corner, and the streets will once more be awash with promotional flyers fighting for your attention.

Thousands of shows will be on offer throughout the city and each one will have an A6 shiny piece of paper to promote their act.

So plenty of business for me then!

Here is one I mocked up today, don’t get too excited as the info isn’t real, sorry.

I can incorporate the star of the show into the city, or perhaps infront of the venue.

And all in my distinct Edinburgh Sketcher style. What could be better? šŸ˜‰

Happy Friday everyone #FF