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The Summertime Big Wheel

FestivalWheelThe Festival Wheel is now up and spinning away, here is a sketch through the railings on Market Street.

I wasn’t a fan at first of the big wheel making a summertime appearance. Why make every season look the same? But I’m sure it’s nice to sit in the wee pods without being wrapped in several layers and watching your breath in front of your eyes.


Plus it was nice to sketch the wheel with the sun burning my back, rather than my fingers slowly going numb đŸ™‚ I drew this from Market St just down from the Mound, which I guess will soon be turned into a summer fair?



A misty view of Princes Street Edinburgh

StGilesStViewA hazy day in Edinburgh yesterday, this a quick sketch from St Giles street looking down on Princes Street and the Gardens.


I had a meeting at Riddles Court yesterday, I’ll be sketching the interior before it is closed for restoration work later this year. But more of that later.


I had paid to park near the High Court on St Giles St and returned with twenty minutes still on my ticket. So I sketched this quick one from the railings overlooking Princes Street Gardens and the Scott Monument. I love how watercolours can give a hint of a shape without the detail, perfect on a misty day.

The trams arrive in Princes Street

Tram_PrincesStreet_ColourThe trams have arrived in Edinburgh city centre and look great, here is my misty day sketch from last week on Princes Street.


Although they have brought a lot of disruption and expense to the city over the past few years, as well as making some fairly treacherous cycle hazards in the form of those rails,  as soon as I saw them I loved them.  Almost ready for passengers, they are currently being tested along their route and are due to be available for people to ride on in early May.


It was great to see them trundling up and down Princes Street the other day, their electric whirr and lovely ‘clang clang’ bell will soon become part of the Edinburgh experience and I for one am pleased to see them.


  • For more information visit Edinburgh Trams website


Edinburgh at Christmas

EdinburghChristmasLast week I published my first sketch video, this week the sketch and 150 limited prints are available to buy.


From the Barron Suite on The Scotsman Hotel’s seventh floor I had a superb view of Edinburgh’s Christmas festivities on Princes Street, from the Big Wheel on the left to the new for 2013 Star Flyer on the right, and standing central the Scott Monument.


Shrieks of laughter and screams of joy could be heard floating over the Waverley Station, as darkness fell and the hundreds of lights from various rides and attractions shone bright.


The original ink sketch with watercolour wash measures 297x210mm, roughly 11x8inches and is for sale for £150. Prints will be limited to 150 high quality giclee prints on heavy fine art paper, and are £25 each. Click HERE to order or have a look through the Shop above.


‘3 Pods’ of the Big Wheel in Edinburgh

BigWheel_3PodsA pen and watercolour sketch from Edinburgh Christmas’s Big Wheel in Princes Street Gardens.

I was back to sketching outdoors on my lunch break today, for the past few weeks I have been concentrating on commissions in the run up to Christmas and have let the spontaneous sketching slide.


It felt good to wander around Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets with my sketch book in hand. I wanted to capture one of the new ‘pods’ on this years Big Wheel, previously the seating on the ride has been open. I haven’t been up this year but I imagine you must feel quite protected in there. I know from previous years it can get quite chilly at the top.


The statue below the pods is a very unmoved Adam Black, an early nineteenth century Scottish publisher and politician.


Time-lapse video: An Edinburgh sketch at Christmas

A time-lapse video of myself sketching from The Scotsman Hotel on Edinburgh’s North Bridge over looking Princes Street and all the Christmas festivities.


My ink sketch with watercolour wash shows Edinburgh’s Christmas festivities well under way, from the big wheel on the left to the Star Flyer high above the shops on the right.

Thanks to The Scotsman Hotel for allowing access to the impressive Barron Suite on their seventh floor. From my amazing view point I could see right along Princes Street as the crisp winters day turned into night and the Christmas lights changed the scene entirely.

The accompanying song is by singer song writer, Stephanie Kirkham. Follow the link below to hear more of her beautiful melodies.



Rain in the city

Morning sketch fans, more rain showers forecast for today across the city so I thought I’d draw a photo I took from the bus a couple of weeks ago when a monsoon like downpour hit Edinburgh. Here we are at the top of Leith Street turning onto Princes Street, before heading left on to the North Bridge.

Have fun dodging the showers today đŸ˜‰

Anyone know who the statue of the horse and rider is for…?

Pasteled headquarters

This is the HBoS (formally Bank of Scotland) headquarters which stands high above Princes Street Gardens on The Mound. I took my Derwent pastel pencils/crayons with me today to add some colour.

It was a little messy but I like the effect you can achieve by adding a lighter colour on top of a darker one. Blending the two. I will stick with the pastels for a while as I could of spent all day experimenting, if only I had the time.