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Tea for two in the National Library of Scotland

teapot_NLS_wsToday I had a meeting at the National Library of Scotland and fell in love with this teapot, so much so I had to sketch it.

The recently refurbished National Library of Scotland has a large and very welcoming cafe with cakes, pastries and sandwiches as well as rolling news via the BBC world service channel.


Of course they also have thousands of books creating a major European research library, with collections of world-class importance. I will have to go back and explore that further when I have a little more time. As well as in the George IV Bridge building the library has a huge amount of digital resources online, see the link below to explore further.


National Library of Scotland website

Sunshine on flowers

GardenFlowersPhotoI hope you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine in the city today. Here is my daily sketch, flowers from the garden 🙂

It’s so relaxing to while away an hour drawing in the sunshine. I’m so pleased I discovered my waterproof ink pens, allowing me to watercolour over the top of a sketch straight away.

Believe it or not in the Edinburgh heat today my watercolour pallet kept drying up!