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Sketching within the Palace of Holyroodhouse

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to run some sketching workshops within the state rooms for those visiting the palace.

I was asked by the Royal Collection Trust to run a day of small workshops within the state rooms of the palace, to help visitors focus in on the details of the furnishings and decorations within these spendid rooms. Like the Privy Chamber, created for Charles II in the late 1600s, is used by The Queen for private audiences with the First Minister of Scotland and visiting dignitaries.

As I walked with visitors through the grand rooms we worked on perspective and detail pieces, before arriving at the Grand Gallery, which shows portraits of both real and legendary kings of Scotland.

The Royal Collection Trust look after the Royal Collection, one of the most important art collections in the world, and manages the public opening of the official residences of Her Majesty The Queen. 

You can see where I will be next by keeping an eye on my Sketching Workshops page.

The Queen’s Gallery currently has an exhibition showcasing the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 and Charles II use of art to glorify the monarchy and reinforce his position as the rightful king.

The Charles II : Art & Power exhibition runs until June 2nd 2019. See more information at the Royal Collection Trust website.

Exciting times at the Palace of Holyrood House

Queens Gallery at HolyroodAs we enter our second week of March the temperature in Edinburgh is little above freezing causing my outdoor sketching sessions to become shorter and shorter!

I was at the Palace of HolyroodHouse this morning for a meeting and update on the interesting changes soon to be happening there over the next two years. Changes including a learning centre which I hope run a series of exclusive workshops from.

Also very exciting is the plan to open up the palace forecourt to the public, currently only accessible to visitors buying a ticket.

I will let you know more about my workshops at the palace once they are confirmed and in the mean time you can find out more about the upcoming changes at HolyroodHouse from the link below.

Palace of Holyroodhouse website

Queens Gallery at Holyrood - photo

Queen Mary’s Bath House

This little stone house lies just outside the gates of Holyroodhouse Palace, although at one time would of made up part of the boundary wall around the King’s Privy Garden. Although it is called the ‘Queen Mary’s Bath House’ most experts agree it was unlikely to have been used as such, more credible is that the building was a summer house or pavilion for the Royals.

Earlier today I posted my pencil and pen sketch but here I have cleaned it up and scanned it into the laptop, adding a touch of green to differentiate the building from the trees.