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Autumn colours, as best as I could capture them

The beauty of Edinburgh’s green spaces are currently transforming into a wonderful colour show to rival anything our festivals can offer.

Today I enjoyed a peaceful walk along the cycle paths of North Edinburgh, the old railway lines run beneath the roads of the city providing a traffic free and nature filled way to get from A to B.

This mornings walk was full of colour and as I kicked my way though piles of fallen leaves every now and then I stopped to pick up a particular pretty leaf. I like to sketch the leaves this way each year, taking time to appreciate just how wonderful mother nature is.

Once home I arranged the leaves and created this colourful sketch and although capturing the autumn colours will remain my holy grail of watercolours, I am pleased with this years sketch 😉

This sketch was created in the warmth of my studio, with a Uni Pn 0.3 and watercolour brush/pallet. 

Autumn in the Meadows park, Edinburgh

MeadowsAutumnThere’s a wonderful show of colour currently in Edinburgh, as Autumn waves a magic wand over all our trees.

Everyone should take a walk through the beautiful colours of the Meadows park just now as October runs into November and the Edinburgh central park runs from green through bright yellows to vibrant oranges and deep dark reds.


I tried to capture a few of these colours this afternoon with my watercolours, but to be honest similarly to taking a photograph, the reproduction is a poor relation to the real thing.



Autumn sketching for #EdinHour on twitter

Autumnleaves_edinhourLast night I took part in some live sketching online, for 60 minutes during #EdinHour on twitter I posted several photographs of my sketch as it came to life.


As the people at EdinHour explain; ‘#hours are mass chat sessions on twitter on a given subject, virtually always on a regular basis such as ‘the first Friday of each Month at 8pm’. They are operated through a specific hashtag ending in ‘hour’.’


So #EdinHour is all about Edinburgh and each month there is a different subject and list of questions to start the conversation off. Last nights was all about Autumn. I thought it would be fun to draw a sketch within the hour to show my process in stages which a viewer of the final piece would not usually see.


Thankfully I completed the drawing, although I could of done more to it, in the time and the experiment was a success. My final sketch of leaves which I drew from a photo I had taken this week in the Botanics is above. Photos from the different stages, including the initial photo are below.


I hope it gives you a little more insight into the sketching process. I also decided to give away the print to one lucky #EdinHour tweeter last night and that person is Jane Carnall @EyeEdinburgh


edinhourleavesedinhour1 edinhour2 edinhour3 edinhour4 edinhour5 edinhour6


The next #EdinHour is on December 10th from 9-10pm. Log on to twitter and join in the conversation.


#EdinHour website


Colour for a tree losing its leaves

QueensPark_Tree Today I added colour to this tree, which stands tall in Queen’s Park, Edinburgh and has such a beautiful shape to it.


Yesterday I posted the black and white pen drawing and today this is the colour version. I scanned in the mono sketch and added the colour digitally on the laptop. I love the strong colours you can get this way and the layers you can build up, and take away.

The pen drawing got a be response on line, the simple line drawing appeals, and I think it worked against the autumn leaves which I photographed it on. You can see that photo below.


So how do you like it with colour?




Tiny tiny ivy leaves

KirkdetailHello. This is a close up of a commission I have almost finished, I’ll post the whole thing once it’s delivered but though I’d show you this wee bit.


Yesterday I must of spent a good 20 minutes inking in all the tiny ivy leaves on this wall. It was extremely calming and therapeutic. Especially as it was on my lunch break after a particularly stressful morning in the office.


Grab some pens and paper people, it’s cheaper than therapy 🙂

Autumn colours

The Sketcher family had a great afternoon playing in the leaves at the Botanics yesterday. The twins are toddling around now and were loving running through the leaves and rolling about. So good there’s a dog free place to play for them, safe they aren’t going to roll in any muck.
We brought some of the leaves back and they made collages for Granny.
We got the leaves out again this morning, now dried out and crispy – and a lot messier to play with!

Black fineliner sketch with a watercolour wash. Available to buy as an original or one of 100 numbered prints.

Leaves in water

A busy day in the office today and it was great to get outside in the fresh air for an hour at lunch. Even better to use the time sketching. I sat outside the Sottish Parliament by the water pools and drew these Autumn leaves floating on the surface. It was a challenge to capture the difference between the leaves on the surfacse and those that had sunk to the bottom. How do you reckon I did?

Below is a photo I took on location to give you some scale of my sketches, all of which are available to buy as limited prints (from £12) or as the original (from £48). Email me HERE for more details.


There is something very theraputic about sitting in a peaceful garden and looking at trees for twenty minutes.

Concentrate on the many beautiful colours as the low light flickers through the leaves, notice how the dark branches weave their contrasting path through the sky. Let out a huge sigh and wonder in the fact you are only a few feet away from the hustle and bustle of the Royal Mile.

I tinted the sketch on my PC, its the nearest I could get to the autumnal foliage.