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First frost on the Harbour

This morning I saw and sketched as the ice melted away in Granton Harbour

On the school run the kids and I noticed how the masts of the boats were all at wonky angles and the water was frozen over.

The sun was strong and although it was bitterly cold I headed out onto the Granton breakwater, a small stone wall in the sea that protects the boats from the strong waves from the east.

Inside the harbour there was a thin layer of frozen water and all the boats and buoys were sitting on top, as if placed there by a giant.

I sat and sketched for about 20 minutes until the water had thawed and my fingers had frozen!

Newhaven Lighthouse, Edinburgh

NewhavenLighthouseA symbol of hope, of solid if treacherous ground ahead, a shining light in the fog.

Some of the reasons lighthouses appeal to people, they are often a subject of choice for photographers and artists and this fine example at Newhaven harbour in Edinburgh is no exception.

Search for Newhaven Lighthouse Edinburgh in google images to see what I mean, many stunning sunsets have been captured here. I decided to visit a little earlier in the day however.

I live close by and this lighthouse and Granton Harbour are a favourite sketching area for me. I love to take a break from the city and hear the tinkle of the boats as they rock in the harbour.

Take a trip down to Leith and walk along the coast, or catch a number 11 or 16 bus from the city centre to Newhaven Harbour.

The above image was sketched on location with black fineliner and watercolour paint. Drawn on A4 watercolour paper the original is for sale for £140 and prints can be bought from £18. Contact me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com to buy.  


Newhaven Harbour in glorious sunshine.

NewHaven_HarbourI’m lucky enough to live close to Newhaven Harbour and love listening to the tinkling boat masts and seagulls circling above.

I drive past the lighthouse (built 1869) often and yesterday did so with thankfully some time to sketch. I could sit for hours listening to the rocking boats in the small harbour, looking out through the narrow ‘gateway’ to Fife, I find it very relaxing. Add in come watercolurs and a blank canvas and I’m in heaven!


I painted this sketch with black ink and watercolour whilst sitting on the large stone steps between the harbour and road.


The original sketch is now sold but you can order a high quality mounted print from my online shop HERE.



Cramond walk

CramondThe family and I had a lovely, peaceful walk in Cramond today. Along the coast from Edinburgh towards the Forth Bridge, the sketch is from the harbour where we left the car and walked along the river Almond to the Cramond Falls Cafe, a delightful spot to sit and have lunch watching the ducks swim up river.

Although it was windy the sun was strong and we sat out in the cafe’s walled courtyard and enjoyed our lunch before walking back along the river, throwing bread to the ducks, turns and seagulls who kept us company.

Trip to the coast

NorthBerwickwebThe family and I took a drive down the East coast to North Berwick today. A lovely seaside town famous for its fish and chips, and the Scottish Seabird Centre, which was where we had lunch.

Just around the corner is the harbour where a row of well sheltered benches let the towns visitors sit in the sunshine and listen to the tinkle of the boats in the harbour. This was our view from the bench …. penned with a black fine liner and then a touch of colour from my Letraset felt tips.

Down by the Shore

TheShorea When asked recently if I could create a sketch down at The Shore in Leith I was very surprised to find I hadn’t done so already. This is an iconic view of the Shore, the beautiful cobbled streets and gabled ended tall houses by the harbour remind me of mainland Europe, Brugges or Amsterdam perhaps.

I was commissioned by a couple who were emigrating overseas and wanted a view of the area to remind them of home. The sketch turned out well, I was going to colour it but didn’t want to lose any of the detail or make it too dark, which can sometimes happen when I add watercolour. The couple were very pleased with the result and I wish them all the best with their move. I like the idea of my sketch hanging in another country, reminding them of Edinburgh.


If you would like to commission a sketch of a favourite view or building then get in touch HERE to discuss further.