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First frost on the Harbour

This morning I saw and sketched as the ice melted away in Granton Harbour

On the school run the kids and I noticed how the masts of the boats were all at wonky angles and the water was frozen over.

The sun was strong and although it was bitterly cold I headed out onto the Granton breakwater, a small stone wall in the sea that protects the boats from the strong waves from the east.

Inside the harbour there was a thin layer of frozen water and all the boats and buoys were sitting on top, as if placed there by a giant.

I sat and sketched for about 20 minutes until the water had thawed and my fingers had frozen!

Stormy clouds Over Granton Breakwater

Threatening skies over Wardie Bay yesterday afternoon. I don’t think the wet weather is done just yet.

Amazing downpours in Edinburgh the last few days with devastating results for many businesses and homes being flooded, so I do hope you are all doing well.

Last night the waters were calm along the Granton breakwater when my family and I took an evening stroll. The skies were saying more rain is coming. Hopefully it blows past and the worst is over. I heard over half a months rainfall fell in just 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon.

Good for the garden though I suppose, and the ducks 😉

This sketch is available as a print here:
Stormy Skies print on Etsy

Wardie Bay

A family walk down the front at Granton and the small beach which lies between the break water and Granton Harbour.

I live just up the hill from here and have often wanted to sketch the colourful houses which line the curved road, looking out to the Forth.

This drawing I drew during the lock down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so took a photo and worked on it form home.

You can see a timelapse of me sketching the piece below, and if you would like to buy a print or the original then get in touch. Prints start at £18 and the original which measures approx 240mm x 180mm is £45.

A speeded up version of my sketch being created

Street sketching with Zoo Arts Extra in North Edinburgh and a visit to ‘Brick Beach’ in Granton

ZooArts_BeachWalkRecently I took part in a beach walk with children and young adults from the North Edinburgh Arts group, ‘Zoo Arts Extra’.


We visited Granton’s ‘brick’ beach, so called because of all the corroded red bricks found along the coast line. Before we set off we watched some slides of environmental artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Tony Plant to inspire us.


On the way we passed through Granton’s new housing development, past the Gas Works and the board walk water area where 2 swans have made a nest.


Once on the beach we set up camp for the day, arranging a circle of bricks and quickly getting a small fire going. Below are some of the photos from the day, as we made various works of art: balancing stones, forts, spirals and circles using drift wood and shells.


We had a great time and the children really got into and expe#ressed themselves with their creations. The rock climbing and toasted marshmallows were also a big hit!!


Click HERE to see a stop motion video on the Zoo Arts Extra Facebook page. I made the animation with Declan, Joshua and Dylan with the above spiral of bricks on the beach, and my camera phone.


Take a look at the links below for more photos and information about the day.

Zoo Arts Exra Facebook page

North Edinburgh Arts website


Sketches from Scotland’s partial eclipse

SolarEclipse_2015This morning there was an eclipse of the sun with people all over the world hoping to see the rare event.

Although in Scotland it was a partial eclipse creating a dusk like darkness in Edinburgh, other areas around the world were plunged into darkness as the Moon came between Earth and the Sun.


(Surprised to see clear skies) I hastily pricked a hole through a piece of card so I could see the resultant crescent shaped highlight in the shadow of the card. I realise now the shape created within the cards shadow was a reverse of what you would see if looking directly at the sun, but was much safer.


I traced over the shape created on my pad at different intervals to create the doodles above. Even in times of global chat and video links it was very exciting to think millions of people were watching a variation of the same event all around the world.


Learn more about the eclipse at the BBC News link below, and if you missed this one there will be another in August, 2026.


BBC News eclipse coverage

Snow is falling… in Granton

SnowInGrantonI’m a little late to the office today as I just had to sketch the snow falling in Granton this morning.

Huge flakes and lots of them fell as the Sketcher family tucked into their breakfast. The toddler twins were amazed, excited and then a little disappointed as it is was all melting away!


Not to worry I said, I’m sure there is plenty more on it’s way.


TIP: The trick to sketching snow in pen (without pencil first) is to draw the snow before anything else, add all the snow flakes and then build the picture behind.


Have a good day across the capital everyone wrap up warm and take care on the roads 🙂 See the link below for the latest weather in Edinburgh.


STV Weather in Edinburgh


BusWaiting sketch2 (day2)

GrantonChurch2Day 2 on this sketch, drawn whilst waiting on a bus today. The building is Granton Parish Church and I’m not sure how long it will take to complete as that depends on Lothian Buses, and what time I arrive at the stop in the morning. But as soon as the bus arrives I will stop and take a photo of my progress.

You can see the sketch from the first day HERE. I noticed by the date on the ticket it is over a month since I started, thanks to the prompt bus service here in Edinburgh!

Don’t mind rain…

… hate drizzle though, like the fabulous Peter Kay might say, ‘It’s that fine rain, that soaks you right through’ . It reminds me of Preston, I like the crazy ‘drop a tun of water in 10 seconds then blazing sun that’ll dry you out just as quick’ that we get in Edinburgh. Not this drizzle, too depressing.

The sketch is the house opposite my window, as I don’t wanna leave the house this morning! Got to though, going to get the wee mans hair cut.