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A Royal view

A walk through the @TheBotanics today, it was milder than I thought it would be – the cloud lying low across the city was keeping us warm. I pushed the pram to the top of the hill in the gardens and found a bench infront of Inverleith House, from which to feed the kids.

I’m looking forward to the summer when the four of us can head up there with a blanket and have a picnic. Last summer the twins couldn’t sit up, let alone crawl around.

This is the view of Edinburgh Castle from the top, through the trees and over the roof tops. It’s one of my favourite views of the castle, as the city seems so close yet in the peace of the gardens it could be so far away.

I’ve added a simple three stripe colour wash in photoshop. Let me know what you think below.

A sketchy glimpse of the Castle

This is a view from my cycle to work, through two buildings to Edinburgh Castle. The image only lasts for a second or two as you pass over the bridge which spans the Water of Leith river, in St Mark’s Park.

The view is different every day thanks to the wonderful skies we get here in Scotland. Today however the sky is cloudy and dull, creating a slightly hazy skyline. I have added a closeup below.

I only used pencil today, partly because the medium lends itself well to the dull cloudy day, but also because Pencils.com from California have made Edinburgh Sketcher their ‘pencil artist of the week’. Be sure to check out their blog and site for more pencil art and a wide range of sketching materials for sale.  pencils.com  blog @pencils.com

Down the barrel

…of one of  Edinburgh Castles cannons. Today my wife and I took the twins for their first visit to a very windy Edinburgh Castle, taking advantage of the St Andrews Day free entrance offer.

The kids loved looking at the medals, swords and armour on display. But best of all must be the amazing views of Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside from the thick stone walls that once protected the castle from attackers.

Like this view towards Calton Hill and Nelson’s Tower. I have again added a little watercolour to give the sketch some life.  What do you think?

Where it all began

This is one of my first Edinburgh Sketches, from over a year ago when I first had the idea of a sketch blog.

Today I was working on my new gallery page> https://edinburghsketcher.com/gallery/ and looking through all the images I have posted over the last year. It’s great to see them all together and the memories each one holds, like a illustrated diary!

I also realised that I hadn’t posted this image of Edinburgh Castle, the one I used in my logo and icon for social networking.

So here is the original Edinburgh Sketch.