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Victoria Swing Bridge

My favourite Edninburgh Bridge is in need of a little love.

This beautiful iron bridge has been sadly left to deteriorait in recent years but there is good news to come as Forth Ports who own the iconic landmark are due to restore and reopen this bridge later in the year.

I will be watching on and I look forward to crossing it again soon and perhaps seeing it working again one day.

I sketched the black outline on location and then added the watercolour in my car as the rain started to pour down across the city. Can you see the couple walking their dog?

This sketch is available as a mounted, high quality signed print from my Etsy shop HERE, prices start at £24 including UK delivery.

Greyfriars Bobby, drawn in pencil, ink and watercolour

Greyfriars Bobby (Brewhemia)A sign of true devotion, Greyfriars Bobby deserves a pat when visiting Edinburgh. 

Skye Terrier Bobby belonged to John Gray, an Edinburgh City Policeman, who when he died in 1858 was buried in Greyfriars  Kirkyard. Bobby was then said to spend his remaining 14 years by the side of his master’s grave.

In 1867 the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Sir William Chambers, who was also a director of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, paid for Bobby’s licence and gave the dog a collar, now in the Museum of Edinburgh.

A year after the dogs death this drinking fountain was commissioned by Lady Burdett-Coutts, the statue was sculpted by William Brodie.

Sketchbobby photos

Mounted prints of this drawing of Edinburgh’s most famous dog can be bought online in either 150x100mm for £18 or 200x290mm for £32 plus postage.

This sketch was drawn in pencil and then inked over the top. I then erased the pencil marks before adding a watercolour wash.

Buy a signed copy here.

Museum of Edinburgh website.

The Dog n Duck, a commission in watercolours

DogAndDuck_colourA new dog portrait, a beautiful retriever working in the fields as a gundog, captured in black ink and watercolour.

The original commission is roughly 200x150mm and drawn in black ink with a watercolour wash over the top. Drawn from a photograph my portraits take about a week and can be framed in simple black or white frames with white mounts. Prices start at £65 for a sketch 100x150mm, the above larger drawing was £125, in black only it would be £95.


Prints of this image are available to buy. Limited to just 75, each a high quality giclee print, signed and numbered and shipped in protected packaging worldwide. Follow the link below to order your copy for just £35 plus postage.


Dog n Duck print

Email me for more information



Greyfriars Bobby is honoured on the anniversary of his death, 143 years ago.

GreyfriarsBobbyAn annual commemorative event took place today at Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh for the capital’s most devoted dog.

Greyfriars Bobby, the Skye terrier whose loyalty has made him famous and well loved around the world passed away 143 years ago and is buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Aged 16 years at his passing in 1872 Bobby spent 14 of those years by the grave of his master, John Gray after the policeman’s death from tuberculosis.


In Greyfriars Kirk you can visit Bobby’s grave and at The Museum of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile you will find Bobby’s dinner dish and collar. It’s a lovely story of a dog’s loyalty to his owner, even after just a short period together.


My sketch is of the bronze statue which was created in 1873 and sits at the top of Candlemaker Row outside the Greyfriars Kirk, and Greyfriars Pub on George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.



The Museum of Edinburgh


More information here at the Greyfriars Bobby website

The wonderful Highland Show

It’s almost a month ago now but I remember this years Royal Highland Show as if it was yesterday, the Sketcher family and I had a great time.


RHS14_Forestry1Here are all my sketches from the weekend. I love to take the kids along, it is a glimpse of another world for them and a great education to learn more about where their food comes from and the wonderful world of UK farming.


Just to name a few things I remember a month on: we saw huge scary cows, and miniature goats; sat in lots of tractors, watched sheepdogs herding ducks, saw giant eagles and men climbing towering tree trunks; met some lovely stall holders and amazed at their hand crafted creations, we saw sheep being judged and horses leaping fences, watched as horseshoes were shaped and fitted, and ate some delicious Scottish burgers.


Looking forward to next year!




The Royal Highland Show website


Best friends

TiaThumperToday I’m organising sketches for a gallery hanging so my daily sketch is a cheat, a commission I drew over Christmas but have yet to upload to the website.

These two were inseparable, best pals. One a friendly and very laid back labrador, the other a cuddly bunny. Sadly the pair are no longer with us but this sketch from a family photo is a great reminder of their friendship.

If you would like to commission a family sketch then contact me HERE, prices start at £48