Dinosaurs are back at the Zoo, and bigger than ever

This Easter sees the release of some impressive prehistoric beasts at Edinburgh Zoo, and I was asked to take a sneak peek.

Who doesn’t love a dinosaur? Well the sketcher clan loves anything to do with them and we have been on many a fossil dig before, and seen many dinosaur bones over the years but they still hold such wonder and intrigue.

Even more so when you can touch and see them up close, realise their scale and imagine being opposite such creatures when they were alive.

I love the big ones, like the Brachiosaurus above, towering above the food trailers below. But I also sketched a couple of squabbling Parasaurolophus, headbutting eat other – which maybe reminded me of my kids!

The dinosaurs are included in a general Zoo admission ticket and you can find more details at the Edinburgh Zoo website.

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