Giving thanks during the lockdown

Rainbows bring colour and hope to neighbours windows during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the current Covid-19 lock down when everyone stays at home apart from our daily walk for exercise it is wonderful to see so many rainbows in peoples windows.

I think the rainbows in windows idea started as a fun game for children to spot the decorations on their daily walks but has now become a way of saying thank you to NHS staff and key workers who our going out to work, putting themselves at risk to look after those who need care.

When I am out on my walk with my family I know the colourful windows really lift our spirits during this strange time when a lot of what we take for granted, like seeing loved ones and having a day out are no longer possible.

I wanted to capture a few of these with my sketches and put them up on my virrtual window, for a lot more people to see. I will try and do a few more and I hope you like them and they make you smile 🙂

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