A Wild time was had in Kinross

Last weekend I was at the second Wildhood Festival at Tullibole Castle

A festival in its infancy Wildhood has already a strong following of families and creatives all wanting to come together and be involved in this weekend full of fun aimed at those aged under 12 and their families.

I first got involved last year when I and my family camped and I put on a couple of arty workshops making paint brushes out of feathers, leaves and twigs that we found in the woods.

This year I had space in front of the picturesque Tullibole Castle so we created paintings of the bright white 16th Century castle which sits on a small hill surrounded by both lush well kept gardens and wild forest.

All of which was open to explore with many hidden workshops happening within, like foraging, storytelling and many crafts. The sketcher Twins loved making mini twig rafts and floating them along the small river that runs through the grounds.

Another favourite was foraging in the forest and trying various concoctions like nettle cordial and elder flower tea.

On the second day I sketched the castle again with charcoal on the end of long sticks we had found. We stood and drew on to paper on the floor, the distance from paper to hand focusing your hand and eye into precise mini movements.

You can see some of the results here as both the children and their adults had a go, which I was really pleased with. It was great to see families creating art together.

I love the whole vibe of the festival, to log off from work and technology for the weekend and immerse yourself in family and nature. Simple really but not always easy to accomplish.

Have a look at the festivals website below and put your name down for next year, I and I know my family can’t wait!

Wildhood Festival website

Tullibole Castle on Facebook

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