Robots take over the museum

An exhibition full of nostalgia but also a glimpse of the future is wowing audiences at the National Museum of Scotland.

Last week I finally got to take the family to see Robots, an extensive exhibition which tells the 500-year story of humanoid robots and what it means to be human.

Set in five different periods and places, the exhibition explores the rich history, technology and culture of robots. From clockwork machines that could tell the time and position of the planets with regular motion to today’s robots that can move, grasp, walk, see, feel and even think like humans do.

The exhibition features a unique collection of more than 100 robots. I took the Sketcher Twins and enjoyed showing them some of the toys I played with and the menacing machines which featured in films when I was their age.

But it was the interactive robots of the future which took hold of our imagination the most, amazing us with how they seem to mimic and act like us so much.

We laughed at the clumsy looking boxy robots of the fifties but then wondered how future generations will see today’s robots.

You haven’t long to see this superb exhibition which runs until May 5th so don’t delay, I recommend it for all ages, there is something for everyone.

Robots at the National Museum runs from 18th January to 5th May 2019 and costs £10 for an adult ticket, children go free (0-15 years and must be accompanied by an paying adult). For more information visit the NMS website below.

National Museum of Scotland website

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