Squid ink Screen Printing directly onto Portobello Beach

This morning I took part in an environmental workshop on a beach, with artist David Faithfull and fellow members of Edinburgh Printmakers. 

Using a stencil of plastic bottles shapes, and squidgy and a black ink mixture made up from squid ink, and Scottish seaweed the other EP print makers made a huge design on the shore, all under the guidance of artist David Faithfull. 

Faithfull is an artist, curator and publisher and this outdoor and very temporary workshop was to highlight and challenge our use of plastic bottles. Using black ink to mirror an oil slick the bottle shapes were made into a huge bottle design which you can see in the photograph below. 

We watched as the tide came in and the waves rolled over the bottle shapes dissolving them into the sea, something that unfortunately does not happen to the real plastic in our waters. 

It was great to create something so meaningful but so temporary, 30 minutes later it was gone and although the wind was strong and our fingers were frozen by the end if felt like we had made something special.

Read more about David Faithfull’s other art projects and prints at his website below. 

Edinburgh Printmakers website

David Faithfull online

The full sketch, created in black ink and watercolour wash.

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