A trip to Stirling by train

Stirling Train StationThe time getting from A to B is much better used on the computer or in my sketchpad rather than staring at the road ahead with hands fixed to a steering wheel.

I am currently working on an number of projects with Historic Environment Scotland and in particular the team at the Engine Shed in Stirling, which sits next door to the city’s railway station, just an hours train journey from Waverley in Edinburgh.

So it was that I found myself after a successful meeting sitting on platform 3 sketching my train home last week. Take a train journey for yourself, it is so much less stressful than sitting in traffic and great for getting through your emails!

Having said that it is also very easy to get lost in the landscape outside, and before you know it you have arrived. Great for relaxing though.

Scotrail website

The Engine Shed website

This sketch was drawn in my sketchpad with a Uni fineliner ink pen.

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