Waiting for the Tide

Newhaven Harbour mudBoats in Newhaven stuck in the mud, frozen in time just waiting for the tide and the adventures it may bring.

I love being by the coast, we are so lucky in Edinburgh to have both the countryside wilderness of Arthurs Seat and the Pentlands close by but also the harbours, seagulls and tinkle of boats that line the north and eastern side of the city.

I live in Granton, the perfect spot between city and coast and I love a leisurely walk down to Granton harbour and then along through Newhaven to Leith.

Often I stop at Newhaven though, sketching the bobbing boats and the striking lighthouse behind.

This time is the first I have done of the boats all stuck in the mud, waiting for the tide to come in and lift them up.

Can you spot your boat?

A5 sketch drawn on location in black fineliner with a watercolour wash. Original piece is 200x145mm £75. Email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com to buy. 


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