Wedding Sketcher

Capturing your special day in ink and watercolour

Wedding SketcherIt is a privilege to capture such a special day with my watercolours.

As a wedding sketcher I attend the event and move around in the background drawing the details which catch my eye, like the flower arrangements, personal decorations, architectural details and colourful guests!

Slightly nervous at first I always relax into it once the first sketch is done, and soon have a sketch book full of pen and watercolour illustrations which capture the day in an original way.

Key locations or events to sketch during the day can be discussed before hand but I always like to draw the ceremony and venue exterior.

Above are a few of my wedding books which I have printed with all the sketches and some hand written notes for the bride and groom. Originals and prints can also be purchased as part of the tailored service.

A Wedding Sketcher package creates a personal, original memory of your special day, and also can be a perfect present for the bride and groom who have everything!

Leave a message below for more information and I will be in touch, or email me on

27 thoughts on “Wedding Sketcher”

  1. Hi Shona
    Thanks for getting in touch, I will send you some details and examples tomorrow morning. Mark, ES

  2. Hello

    My sister is getting married 12.12.20 in Ayrshire and I would love for you to do some sketches on the day. I wondered if you could let me know if you have any availability (I know it’s short notice) and prices of packages.

    Many thanks

  3. Hi Helen, thanks for your email. I will send you details to your email address shortly. Mark, ES

  4. Hi, I saw your flyer when I was at a workshop at arienas collective. I was wondering what the prices were for wedding packages. Thanks

  5. Hi Lauren
    Thank you for your message, I will send you an email shortly with more details and examples.
    Mark, ES

  6. Hi

    I hope you are well.

    I am getting married at Dundas Castle on August 29th this year and would love for someone to come and sketch a still from our wedding reception.

    I live in the USA and we saw the idea at another wedding and loved it. Can you give me an idea of pricing and what exactly you could offer us?

    Thank you,

  7. Hi Tracy, thank you for getting in touch. I will send you an email today.
    Mark, ES

  8. Hello,
    I am looking for a wedding gift for a friend. She is getting married at St John’s Church (1a Lothian Rd) in August. I would love to give her a sketch of St Johns Church for her wedding present. She isn’t getting married until August of this year. Is it possible please you can contact me to let me know if this is possible?
    Thank you for your time in getting back with me.

  9. Hello,

    We met briefly at the Hopetoun House wedding fair a few weeks ago. I wonder if you could email me some further information (packages/prices etc.) and whether you would be available for a wedding on Friday 14th August 2020?

    Kind regards,


  10. Hi
    Could you please email me more information. I’m interested for our wedding on July 6th.


  11. Hi Rachael, thanks for getting in touch. I will drop you an email with more details soon. Mark, ES

  12. Hiya, I’m interested in maybe getting a sketch done as a wedding present for a friend. Her wedding is Friday 8th February. I’d be greatful if you could give me an idea of prices or packages available. Thanks very much. Rachael

  13. Hi, we are getting married in Edinburgh zoo in August 2019. Would you be able to send me some details on your illustration options. Thanks

  14. I am looking to speak to someone potential regarding some wedding sketches. You had attended the wedding of Pauline & Ian Fox a couple of years ago and put together a wedding album of the day for them.
    If you could email me or contact me on xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
    Many thanks

  15. Hi Robert
    You should of had an email from me, let me know on here if you need any more info in case my email is bouncing again. Thanks, Mark.

  16. Can you send me details of wedding packages.
    Wedding on 24/8/19 at Winton Castle
    Thanks Wendy

  17. Hi

    I’m interested in getting sketched done of my
    Sons wedding.
    They are getting married at home
    in the 18th August 2018.

    Is there any ideas that you have and are you available in this date?


  18. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for getting in touch and yes drawing from photos after the event is something I often do. Prices start at £65 for a small A5 sketch but I will put some more prices together and email you shortly.
    Mark, ES

  19. I am interested in wedding sketches for a wedding anniversary, so they would be from the professional photos that were done. Is that something you would be interested in doing? I love your work. If I ver make to Edinburgh, you are on my list! Thanks.

  20. Hi

    I am getting married in December 2018 in Edinburgh and we are looking about for ideas and we are interested in your sketches book for our wedding day. Would it be possible to have a idea of your prices and would it be beneficial for us to meet to discuss ?

    Thanks in advance. Emma

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