Digital Sketcher

tabletsketch2Yesterday I had a go at sketching on my digital tablet.

It was fun and I think it could be a useful string to the bow, but nothing I’ve tried so far comes close to the colours and creativity I find with real watercolour paint.

I’ve only scratched the surface really, my tablet is a basic model and I was using an app called Artflow on android. Having looked around online I can see there are many apps to try, and some great sounding brushes for applications such as Photoshop which would add more realism.

Juggling my water and various brushes can be perilous

I thought I’d have a look at digital sketching as I am doing more and more sketching at live events such as weddings, conferences and exhibitions. Although watercolour and ink are my preferred mediums switching between the two whilst standing in a confined space can be a little tricky. Juggling my water and various brushes can be perilous in a stately home or grand cathedral!


So I can see the appeal of one piece solution, but as I said earlier so far I haven’t seen anything that can give the feel and originality of watercolours. It’s something I could enjoy spend a lot of time, and money on in the future though, I’ll let you know how I get on.


Both sketches were made on an Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7in tablet, using ArtFlow app on android. 

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