WhereArtI : 18th January 2016

WAI_180116Morning Edinburgh, can you tell me where I am drawing this week’s WhereArtI sketch from?


The WhereArtI competition goes live every Monday morning at 8am, I sketch a location in Edinburgh, you tell me where I am. On the first Monday of each month however, the sketch could be anywhere in Scotland.


There are points on offer for the first three correct answers, and this week the leader board has been wiped clean. Good luck every one! Keep an eye on the facebook and twitter throughout the day for clues if they are needed. Answer to come before the end of the day.


If you would like to sponsor the quiz or feature in the quiz, then get in touch at contact@edinburghsketcher.com

4 thoughts on “WhereArtI : 18th January 2016”

  1. WhereArtI update: This weeks sketch is from the Mound, or the top of the Playfair Steps just near the Museum on the Mound. Top marks to @graemeham90 @0apropos, @dunedinhen. More next week and thanks Judge Dredd for comment, I’m a big fan!.

  2. The location of your sketch view is as you walk up the Mound on the left hand side footway just past the Market Street junction on your left hand side there is a gate into the bank building, you are to the right hand side of the gate looking between the lamp post and the tree looking towards the Balmoral Hotel with the Calton Hill in the background. I remember this view well as I used to walk past it every weekday morning when I started working in the summer of 1971.

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