The National Monument of Scotland, high on Calton Hill

NationalMonument_CaltonHillSitting high above Princes Street Calton Hill commands stunning views over Edinburgh and the Lothians.


But look towards Calton Hill, at the east end of the city’s centre and you will see the tall tower of Nelsons column, and this the National Monument of Scotland, or as it is locally known, ‘Edinburgh’s Disgrace’.


Designed between 1823-6 by Charles Robert Cockerell and William Henry Playfair the monument is modelled after the Parthenon in Athens and was built to remember the Scots who died in the Napoleonic Wars. It was to include extensive catacombs to provide a burial place for significant figures but due to lack of funds it was left unfinished in 1829.


I don’t know about you but I like it, and the fact you can see right through to the stunning views behind.




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