Helen Lawrence, at the Edinburgh International Festival

EIF_HelenLawrenceTonight at the King’s Theatre catch this Canadian Stage production of Helen Lawrence, a tale of corruption and murder set in 1940’s Vancouver.


The production combines numerous visual techniques to bring the post war tale to life. With a combination of theatre acting, on stage filming which is then projected (with computer generated back drops) onto a huge thin screen which hangs like a veil between the audience and stage.


The techniques captured my attention I liked the spectacle of it but after a few moments of trying to follow both the screen and on stage acting  I forgot the actors were there and began watching the screen more, with the cinema like graphics and huge close ups. For me the screen was over shadowing the stage and could of been used more sporadically to make more impact.


The sketch is in black ink, with a water colour wash, drawn from the stalls. The black fade was added digitally.


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