Bobby warms up for a good cause

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Bobby_ShawlThis morning Edinburgh ‘Craft-ivists’ wrapped Greyfriars Bobby in a crocheted shawl, to highlight the plight of African orphans.


Local craft group Granny Greens handmade 500 blanket squares – the height of the Grayfriars Bobby statue, which will now be posted to Johannesburg in South Africa where the charity Knit-a-Square will get local volunteers to sew blankets for orphans. Many of the orphans are also infected with HIV AIDS – as it is an auto immune disease keeping warm helps their ability to stay well.

Knit-a-Square has been working for over 5 years to get squares from crafters around the world to contribute to blankets. Granny Greener Mary Gordon explained ‘As Bobby was an orphaned dog it’s an appropriate way to get people inspired to help out. I’ve made Bobby a small blanket – a miniature of the ones the orphans wear so he can stand in solidarity with them.’

My sketch shows Bobby sporting his new shawl. What a great cause, follow the links below to help out.



  1. Knit a square challenge success!
    14th February 2014

    […] Remember how I posted about knit a square and my craft group’s attempt to crochet and knit enough squares to get to the height of Greyfriar’s Bobby (including the plynth, of course!) for AIDS orphans in South Africa and it was a success! 500 squares were made in the end, most of them by Mary who organised the challenge! Unfortunately the big reveal was scheduled at pretty short notice and on a day when most people including myself were working, so it was quite a small affair, but it looked like it was great fun for those that did make it and they engaged lots of passers by. Got great online media coverage as well, including this adorable sketch by the edinburgh sketcher. […]

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    11th February 2014

    […] sketch by the Edinburgh Sketcher […]

  3. EdinburghSketcher
    7th February 2014

    Hi Andrea, yes of course. I can do sketch prints for £14 each plus pnp, or you can collect in town. They will be roughly A4 in size.
    Thanks, Mark. ES

  4. Andrea
    7th February 2014

    Hi, there.

    I’m with Granny Green’s, the group that made the granny squares. By chance, will you be making your sketch available in your shop? If so, please let me know and I can tell the group members in case they would like to purchase one. Thanks!

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