WhereArtI Monday 3rd February 2014

Posted on Feb 3, 2014

WAI_030214It’s WhereArtI time and here is your weekly sketch quiz. As it’s the first competition of the month the location could be anywhere in Scotland. Do you recognise it…?

Have a guess below, there are no prizes this week but leader board points are on offer for the first three correct answers.

Keep an eye on the facebook and twitter for clues throughout the day if they are needed. Answers to come by this time tomorrow. If you would like to donate a prize for the quiz get in touch HERE.

And stay tuned for some exciting WhereArtI news to come in the next few days…


  1. EdinburghSketcher
    4th February 2014

    Morning, and well done you clever lot; It is of course the Falkirk Wheel. I thought I had gone for the less obvious angle, this one being as you would see from your barge as you approached the wheel.
    Well done to the first three, I promise I will update the leader board soon. 1st: @0apropos 2nd: Doug Mitchell and 3rd: Susan Reid

  2. Kerrie Pe-Win
    3rd February 2014

    The Falkirk Wheel!

  3. EllaTasm
    3rd February 2014

    Falkirk Wheel?

  4. Jane Reid
    3rd February 2014

    Union Canal at the Falkirk Wheel

  5. Frances Mitchell
    3rd February 2014

    Falkirk Wheel!

  6. Caroline
    3rd February 2014

    Falkirk wheel

  7. Stefan Sagrott
    3rd February 2014

    The Falkirk Wheel

  8. Susan Reid
    3rd February 2014

    Falkirk wheel x

  9. Doug Mitchell
    3rd February 2014

    Entrance/exit to a bucket on the falkirk wheel

  10. 0apropos
    3rd February 2014

    Falkirk Wheel – think this one will be a test of speed…

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