Foodies finale

FoodiesFestival2013a FoodiesFestival2013b FoodiesFestival2013cThe sketcher family had a great day at Foodies Festival, such a happy vibe around the place. The sun shone, most of the time, and the food and drink were excellent, as were the performers entertaining us on stage. My foodie highlight was a pulled pork sandwich (on gluten free bun) and some Sheppy’s West Country cider to wash it down. Perfick.

I managed three sketches in between the two downpours, and during in the last one. It was great to see all the family too and have a catch up over a drink and listening to some live music. Happy days.


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  1. The stall on the left is the one @EdenBrewery were running. They might like to see the pic 🙂

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