The hidden well

StBernardsWellThis afternoon I took a walk through Stockbridge, just north of the city centre. I was looking for St Bernard’s Well on the Water of Leith, but I was a little early as the well is currently being restored by Edinburgh World Heritage and all I could see was a huge amount of scaffolding.

Below is a photo from the location where you can see in the background the ‘well’ covered structure.

I penned the sketch anyway in my usual black fine liner and as the sun was shining and I had a little extra time I added some colour with my watercolours. I’ll be back to sketch the unveiling when it happens.


The  restoration is part of The Twelve Monuments Project, a joint initiative of Edinburgh World Heritage and the City of Edinburgh Council, which has restored many of the city’s most important monuments and statues. The planned work to St Bernard’s Well as an estimated cost of £232,839, which after contributions from EWH and the City of Edinburgh Council will leave £50,000 to be raised in donations. If you would like to make a donation please contact EWH on 0131 220 7720 or

For more information about the restoration and the history of the well, visit the Edinburgh World Heritage site HERE.


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