Boooo..lue meanie!

Posted on Jun 28, 2012

Altogether now, ‘Booooo!’ Yes I found myself behind one of Edinburgh’s traffic wardens this morning, merrily making his way down the Royal Mile, scanning the alleys and closes for illegally parked cars.
I couldn’t resist a wee sketch as I followed, I must of looked a little funny to passers by though.
I take it they used to have blue uniforms?


  1. ES
    28th June 2012

    Thanks Graham, I could well believe it in this weather! I heard one of your archery days was cancelled due to the rain, that’s a shame. Let me know when the next one is coming up, I’d love to bring the kids, and pens and paper!

  2. graham hamilton
    28th June 2012

    Maybe he’s faded in the wash! Nice watercolour Mark.

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