Cake and a prize!

Posted on May 2, 2012

Congratulations to EdinburghSketcher, now with over 1000 twitter followers. Thanks to everyone who is keeping up to date with my Edinburgh sketch blog. And with all those candles the future is bright, with more competitions and prizes to come (starting today) so please keep watching and help spread the word.


And to celebrate the first 1000 ES followers (plus almost 300 FB likers) I am giving away a high quality Giclée print of one of my sketches. To be in with a chance of winning leave your name, email address and the post title of your favourite sketch from the galleries above, either in the the comment box below, on facebook, or on twitter with the tag #1000giveaway


So good luck, and I’ll pick a winner on the 1st June 2012.



  1. ES
    1st June 2012

    And the Free Print Giveaway winner is…

  2. Jenny Bin
    31st May 2012

    Although I love the one of James and Zoe drinking their milk in costa coffee in their buggy I decided to pick the one of Pilrig House. It looks very peaceful and I love the old gentlman haveing a wee stroll through the park. I want to do Mary Poppins and jump in. Was their a carasel in the distance?

  3. ES
    31st May 2012

    Thanks Ashley and fg, two votes for Ace Acers there. Good luck, I’ll reveal the winner tomorrow. Here is the link to Ace Acers –

  4. fg
    31st May 2012

    Now crossed !

  5. fg
    31st May 2012

    Ace acers please it is just beautiful!
    Fingers and toes are know crossed.

  6. Ashley Dodd
    31st May 2012

    Ace Acers in Trinity. Ace!

  7. ES
    30th May 2012

    Thanks Anna, Nadya and David, some great choices there. I’m glad you enjoyed the Hearts victory on the other side of the world Anna!

  8. Nadya Stewart
    30th May 2012

    Oooh, it’s a tough choice, too many to pick from that I only managed to whittle it down to my favourite two.
    The Radical Road 2/3/12
    Through the trees 8/2/12

  9. Anna Tate
    30th May 2012

    My favourite sketch (apart from the Kindy one for obvious reasons!) is Heartsbus…a big family moment in our household as Dad, Kevin and wee Archie celebrated the Hearts win together!

  10. David Jamieson
    30th May 2012

    For me, it has to be “Queen Mary’s Bath House” as my all time favourite. I can almost feel myself standing opposite it staring at the House in awe.

  11. ES
    15th May 2012

    Thanks Jonathan and Jonathan! That’s two for Winter Wonderland, I do love the way Edinburgh looks at Christmas. Good luck in the FREE PRINT GIVEAWAY!

  12. Jonathan Bryant
    15th May 2012

    Love the website. We became engaged in Edinburgh so lots of fond memories! Love Winter wonderland 2b – great work!

  13. Jonathan Tait
    13th May 2012

    It has to be Winter Wonderland,love this sketch,makes me really look forward to Christmas!!

  14. Margaret
    13th May 2012

    View from under the bridge

    June 8, 2011
    from East Market St, over the North Bridge and onto the The Balmoral.

  15. ES
    12th May 2012

    Thanks Mike, yes it’s amazing how quickly the galleries fill up! Good luck with the print giveaway, I like that one too.

  16. Mike Down
    12th May 2012

    Amazing body of work! Could send all day looking through your galleries! My favourite is ‘The Radical Road’, 3rd March 2012 from the Daily Sketch gallery!

  17. Lorraine Eardley
    11th May 2012

    Too many to choose from!! Got down to 3.
    Winter wonderland 2b in gallery 5
    Peter and Paula find love
    Where it all began gallery 3
    Any of those 3 would b amazing!

  18. Nancy
    11th May 2012

    I love this – hoping to win!

  19. Mubin
    11th May 2012 -> that’s my favourite sketch 🙂

  20. ES
    7th May 2012

    Thanks everyone for picking, two of my favourites there too Wendi, good luck. I’m glad you are all liking my new Peter&Paula sketches too 🙂

  21. ae
    7th May 2012

    A windy day for Peter and Paula.. I really like these characters and drawings, they make me smile. Hope they made you smile when drawing them in the Western.

  22. Wendi W.
    7th May 2012

    Congratulations! Thank you so much for the chance to win a print!

    Ok, fingers crossed…I’m torn between:

    Changing Colours, gallery 3, Sept 10 2011 and
    Inverleith park, gallery 2, Jan 7 2012.

    If my name is picked for the give away, please surprise me.
    I really can’t decide between the two.

    Thank you so much for your generous offer!

  23. Milagritos Flores Bell
    7th May 2012

    “Peter & Paula find love”
    Cheers !!!

  24. Fiona Hackland
    7th May 2012

    Late Day Sunshine. (Gallery 3).

  25. ES
    7th May 2012

    Thanks Karen, so far you are the only one to enter!! So you have a really good chance 🙂

  26. Karen Craigmyle
    6th May 2012

    Any Sunday (gallery 5)

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