Posted on Feb 14, 2012

Why … do I always ignore the fruit bowl and eat crisps and chocolate?

Actually this morning I am making my way through the fruit bowl, but only because the crisps and chocolate have all gone!







And while I am asking questions; why do I feel the need to label all the items in my sketch? lack of confidence perhaps!


  1. ES
    14th February 2012

    Ha, good point abot the still life – it obviously worked! I’m a walkers fan myself ( – 2 mentions, that should be a box on its way to each of us now! )
    And no it is tea, although I agree it is a little dark on there, I like it strong though..

  2. Sue Pownall
    14th February 2012

    ha ha I always eat crisps before anything else, preferably Walkers. Of course, it’s so artists like ourselves can draw the still of fruit 🙂 Great sketch btw but isn’t that a cup of coffee not tea??

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