Where Art I? #007

Posted on Jan 31, 2012

Morning everyone, here is this weeks #wherearti quiz, can you name the sketch?

This beautiful red sandstone building is not too far from the centre of town, it maybe a tough one but this building has a busy weekend coming up. Extra points if you tell me what that is.

Good luck and remember to check in at the ES facebook page for clues though out the day.

Include hashtag #wherearti with your answers either below, on facebook or twitter. Answers and a new leaderboard this afternoon. From this week we’ll start a top table of WhereArtI? guessers!!  How well do you know Edinburgh?


  1. ES
    31st January 2012

    Lots of new guessers and followers in todays WhereArtI? quiz, well done to all those who correctly identified my sketch as Stockbridge Library, on Hamilton Place.
    Especially well done to @SamDescartes, @elfahy (who also added National Libraries Day is coming up), and @lewisbilsland who came 1st 2nd and 3rd and will make it onto the WhereArtI? leaderboard!

    In fact National Libraries Day is this weekend, so be sure to make a visit to your nearest library. You can find more information here.

    Thanks everyone for taking part and be sure to come back for more WhereArtI? next week!

  2. Emma maccoll
    31st January 2012

    Hello, love the picture. It is Stockbridge library. Will be busy this Saturday as it is library day!

  3. muriel houston
    31st January 2012

    elbow bar and kitchen 133-135 east clarmont street. AmbiDECKstrous *launch party*

  4. shayne
    31st January 2012

    #wherearti Stockbridge library

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