A sketchy glimpse of the Castle

This is a view from my cycle to work, through two buildings to Edinburgh Castle. The image only lasts for a second or two as you pass over the bridge which spans the Water of Leith river, in St Mark’s Park.

The view is different every day thanks to the wonderful skies we get here in Scotland. Today however the sky is cloudy and dull, creating a slightly hazy skyline. I have added a closeup below.

I only used pencil today, partly because the medium lends itself well to the dull cloudy day, but also because Pencils.com from California have made Edinburgh Sketcher their ‘pencil artist of the week’. Be sure to check out their blog and site for more pencil art and a wide range of sketching materials for sale.  pencils.com  blog @pencils.com

2 thoughts on “A sketchy glimpse of the Castle”

  1. Hi Graham, and thankyou for your comments. It’s always great to hear from a new viewer! – and keep up the sketching, feel free to post a link here if you have one. All the best. Mark

  2. Great stuff ES, I enjoy the journey immensely .the notes are the real treat,now I will have to keep my 602 on hand as well to make notes. thanks to pencils.com for featuring you.

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