Mysterious green lamp post

Posted on Nov 22, 2011

‘A walk not far from home I turned a street corner to find this beautiful Victorian lamp post. Bright green and standing out in a street of more modern homes. But can you tell me where this is? Another hidden gem from Edinburgh’s suburbs. Do you recognise the green lamp post?’


  1. Anna
    12th June 2018

    Thank you so much! I’ve been searching everywhere for the information.
    Love your sketches, been following your work on Facebook.

  2. EdinburghSketcher
    7th May 2018

    Hi Anna
    These lamps are known as Baillies’ Lamps and were put outside the houses of Lord Provosts, and other long serving local politicians. Here is a link I found to a photo of that particular one and explanation:

  3. Anna
    6th May 2018

    Please could you tell me about this lamp? I can’t see the link on your page. I walk past this all the time & cannot find anything out about it.

  4. ES
    23rd November 2011

    Have a look on my facebook wall for more information about this lamp, and thanks to Mhari for the info.

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