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Watercolour workshops online

This week I took part in our second ‘Urban Sketching with Edinburgh Sketcher and Cassandra Harrison’ workshop on Zoom and had a great time.

Local artist and teach Cassandra Harrison and I thought we would set up an online fortnightly workshop where people could join us and create artwork looking at different mediums and techniques.

We will be sharing our tips and skills learnt over the years and also inviting guests on to share their thoughts about art and the city of Edinburgh.

We hope this will grow into a small community of creative types at all levels who can then share and learn together twice a month.

This week we were joined by comedien and Leither Jo Caulfield who introduced three of her favourite Leith buildings, which we all then captured in watercolours.

Above are my drawings as I showed people how to layer watercolour washes, leaving each one to dry and working on all three at the same time.

The results were amazing and to see some of the art out workshops produced go to the workshop facebook page at Urban Sketching with Edinburgh Sketcher and Cassandra Harrison

Above is a screen shot of our artists on zoom. If you have been on my ‘in person’ workshops in Edinburgh before then you will know that I always like to get a photo of everyones drawings at the end. It is a great way to see everyones unique take on the same subject, and to see how they all have merits. This is the zoom equivalent!

Join us on the next workshop by booking a place via the link below, each 75 minute class is £10 (£7.50 concessions) and on the 1st September we have architect David Blaikie joining us.

Read more and book your place here.

Tonal sketching with brush work only today

As an artist I am always learning and love to see new ways of creating art, simply reversing the way you work can create a new perspective.

I always remember an art teacher telling me to look at my piece in a mirror because that is how a new viewer sees your work. Try it, it can be very off putting when you have spent time working on your piece and then to see it reversed is very strange.

Its a great way to highlight wonky lines or unbalanced composition.

Often simple differences to the way you work can create new insights and fresh perspectives. This afternoon I skipped my usual initial fineliner line drawing and went straight to waterbrush and a watercolour wash.

This was a little hard to get my head round at first, instead of drawing lines I created shapes of shadow. Building up tonal areas and trusting that the finished piece would come together.

I will let you be the judge but I like the softer finish and enjoyed the exercise. I think I will add this to my upcoming sketching workshops, details of which you can see on the ‘Sketching Workshops page‘.

I have a number of dates coming up in various locations around the city. All abilities are welcome and all materials provided. I hope to meet some of you there.

My Sketching Workshops Page.

Sketching Workshops for Summer 2018

WorkshopPage LauristonCastleAs the weather improves in Edinburgh join me sketching around the city.

First off I have a welcome return to Lauriston Castle (above), a stunning 400 year old castle which overlooks the Firth of Forth from a 30 acre estate of beautiful gardens and woodlands. The perfect peaceful place to practice your sketching, I have led successful workshops here for a number of years and the venue has a special place in my heart. My 2018 workshops at Lauriston are on June 13th, August 4th and 17th.

WorkshopPage QueensGallery

New for 2018 are two dates at The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse. I will be running afternoon workshops capturing the Canongate area and details around the Palace exterior, influenced by their current Canaletto exhibition. This is an exclusive chance to sketch with me at Holyrood and I expect tickets to sell fast. Workshops will be on 15th June and 3rd August.

WorkshopPage CityArtCentre

Following on from last months debut Sketching Tour at the City Art Centre I will be returning to this fantastic setting for another sketching workshop on 20th July. This is a great opportunity to draw with me as we tour and draw our way along Market Street and the Mound area before returning to the 5th floor of CAC for refreshments and to colour our drawings.

WorkshopPage Arienas

And don’t forget my wonderful Sketching Days at Arienas Collective in the heart of the New Town. These small relaxed workshop days run from a beautiful home close to Queens Street from where we tour the cobbled streets of Georgian New Town and the Portrait Gallery,  drawing all sorts from street furniture to Robert Burns statues! Lunch is included and plenty of delightful nibbles and drinks thanks to the very hospitable Arienas Collective. The next full day workshop is on Friday 22nd June

You can book all these tours on my Workshop page HERE, and I look forward to seeing you at a workshop through the summer.

Exciting news ahead for August.: I am currently planning a return to sketching in the West End with Paper Tiger, the must visit shop for beautiful and creative giftcards, stationary and gifts. Details to come soon.