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Snow fall in Edinburgh

On the second of January I woke early to find a new snow fall had dusted Edinburgh with a coating of what looked like icing sugar on a Victorian film set.

I dressed quickly and headed into town, eager to see the city centre streets before too many footprints and tyre tracks had muddied the white stuff. I walked up through Stockbridge taking photographs at every corner. So many views that look so different, fresh and clean with snow on the floor.

As I passed through the New Town I had to stop and make a quick drawing, I sat on a Georgian step and looked across Forres Street around the corner of Moray Place Gardens. Such a perfect scene with the stunning architecture, railings and lamps rising out of the snow!

After finishing my piece I walked up onto Princes Street taking more photos to work from, and trying to get the blood back into my fingers!

Enjoy the winter snow fall everyone 🙂

I later added a sledger being pulled across the road as an idea for a Christmas card for next year:

Snow is falling… in Granton

SnowInGrantonI’m a little late to the office today as I just had to sketch the snow falling in Granton this morning.

Huge flakes and lots of them fell as the Sketcher family tucked into their breakfast. The toddler twins were amazed, excited and then a little disappointed as it is was all melting away!


Not to worry I said, I’m sure there is plenty more on it’s way.


TIP: The trick to sketching snow in pen (without pencil first) is to draw the snow before anything else, add all the snow flakes and then build the picture behind.


Have a good day across the capital everyone wrap up warm and take care on the roads 🙂 See the link below for the latest weather in Edinburgh.


STV Weather in Edinburgh