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Wedding Sketcher

Capturing your special day in ink and watercolour

Wedding SketcherIt is a privilege to capture such a special day with my watercolours.

As a wedding sketcher I attend the event and move around in the background drawing the details which catch my eye, like the flower arrangements, personal decorations, architectural details and colourful guests!

Slightly nervous at first I always relax into it once the first sketch is done, and soon have a sketch book full of pen and watercolour illustrations which capture the day in an original way.

Key locations or events to sketch during the day can be discussed before hand but I always like to draw the ceremony and venue exterior.

Above are a few of my wedding books which I have printed with all the sketches and some hand written notes for the bride and groom. Originals and prints can also be purchased as part of the tailored service.

A Wedding Sketcher package creates a personal, original memory of your special day, and also can be a perfect present for the bride and groom who have everything!

Leave a message below for more information and I will be in touch, or email me on contact@edinbrughsketcher.com

One of Edinburgh’s most beautiful wedding venues, Mansfield Traquair

MansfieldTraquairThis sketch is of Mansfield Traquair Centre, a former Church which lies to the East end of Edinburgh’s New Town.

Now used for weddings, parties and corporate events, as well as office space, the unique venue is part of the Heritage Portfolio group of buildings. Lottery money was awarded to renovate and restore the church in the 90’s and a visit to see the remarkable murals inside is a must.

The sketch above of the exterior is available to be used on wedding stationary, email me to discuss the details if you are interested.

I have also sketched live at a wedding there also, and below are a few photographs from the resulting hard back book I produced for the bride and groom.

wedd1 wedd2

If you are interested in booking me as a Wedding Sketcher on your special day, or as is proving very popular as a wedding gift, then email me to discuss.

Caledonian Hall in the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

CaledonianHall_RBGEThe Caledonian Hall resides inside the Royal Botanic Gardens, on the north side of Edinburgh.

Yesterday I broke free from the desk, left the accounts to another duller day and instead set of on two wheels looking for some green space in the glorious sunshine. Not far from home I found the beautiful and ever changing Botanic Gardens and it’s impressive Hall.


Built in 1842 and overlooking the rock garden, the building is an amazing venue for weddings and other events, able to accommodate around 100 guests with the option of an marquee to provide additional floor space. It’s also a great place to sit infront of on an autumnal day in Edinburgh.


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh website.



Canongate Kirk

Not far from the day job on the Royal Mile lies the Canongate Kirk, which is currently enjoying a celebrity status amongst the tourists of Edinburgh due to an upcoming wedding. The Church of Scotland Kirk is to be the venue for Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s marriage on July 30th 2011. Holyrood Palace is within the Kirk’s parish and this is where the reception will be held.

This is my sketch using pen and then pencil to shade, from within the Kirk.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, 29th June) there will be a free concert in the Kirk by the Phoenixville Christian Choir. See www.canongatekirk.org.uk for more information.