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Stunning View from the Belford Bridge

The Water of Leith flowing into Dean Village, such a peaceful view from the Belford Bridge in Edinburgh.

This ink and watercolour drawing was originally drawn A2 size (roughly 40x60cm) and so I managed to get great detail into the trees that line the river as it meanders its way through this scene.

I love how the ivy and other plants climb up the wall and over into the gardens of these Dean Village houses. Such a calming view from the bridge and a great place to play pooh sticks ūüôā

This sketch was drawn large for a client but prints are now available from my Etsy shop in two sizes Р150x100mm for £20 and 297x210mm for £34. Buy them HERE.

Early morning walk along the Water Of Leith

This morning the kids and I decided to walk to school and afterwards I thought I’d keep on walking.

I’m lucky enough to live near the Water of Leith river that runs though the city and I joined it in St Stephens Park and headed along to Stockbridge.

This is the view from one of the walk bridges near to Canonmills and although I was caught in a shower half way through the rain stopped long enough for me to finish the sketch with watercolour.

Beauty around every corner in Edinburgh

It may not be the sunniest day in the capital and it seems winter is back for the time being, but that doesn’t stop the city’s beauty shining through.

Walking through through the north of Edinburgh this morning I walked along Wariston Road and under this stone bridge over the Water of Leith. The bridge once held part of the old railway and now a stretch of the Goldenacre cycle path.

Ducks swam closeby as I sketched my drawing in ink and watercolour using my super easy water brush.

After twenty minutes my hands were numb and I packed up, raced along Warriston Road to Cannonmills and the warmth of a delicious latte in Coffee Angel on Brandon Terrace.

Water of Leith information website

Coffee Angel website


Sunshine on Stockbridge

StockbridgeBridgeI’ve been enjoying the recent sunshine in Edinburgh, and recently took a walk along the Water of Leith into Stockbridge.

The Water of Leith river is said to be around 22 miles long and runs from the Pentland Hills through Edinburgh to Leith and out into the Forth of Firth.

There are many beautiful sights to be seen along its winding route (look out for heron, king fishers and otters), and one such place is Stockbridge where the green vegetation contrasts well with the sandstone architecture above.

I drew the above sketch in between St Bernard’s Well and St Bernard’s Bridge, which features in the drawing. This original ink and watercolour sketch measures approx 280x200mm and is yours mounted for ¬£145. Email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com if you would like to purchase the piece.


Water of Leith Information Centre website

Stockbridge Edinburgh locals website


My sketch was drawn on location in black in with a watercolour wash. 

stockbridgelocationnature, sunshnin

A sketchy glimpse of the Castle

This is a view from my cycle to work, through two buildings to Edinburgh Castle. The image only lasts for a second or two as you pass over the bridge which spans the Water of Leith river,¬†in St Mark’s Park.

The view is different every day thanks to the wonderful skies we get here in Scotland. Today however the sky is cloudy and dull, creating a slightly hazy skyline. I have added a closeup below.

I only used pencil today, partly because the medium lends itself well to the dull cloudy day, but also because Pencils.com from California have made Edinburgh Sketcher their ‘pencil artist of the week’. Be sure to check out their blog and site for more pencil art and a wide range of sketching materials for sale.¬† pencils.com ¬†blog¬†@pencils.com