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Rain falling on the windscreen in Edinburgh’s New Town

RainonHanoverAs the rain continued to fall today I sketched from my car.

Sitting looking up towards Hanover Street and Goeorge Street I watched the traffic merging with the pipples of the rain falling down my windscreen.

Shortly after sketching this I realised the rain wasn’t going to stop so made a dash for my destination. I was delivering completed commissions all around Edinburgh, Christmas presents ready to be wrapped and hopefully open once the rain has stopped and the snow has fallen!

Sketch made in my car with ArtGecko SketchPad and new water brushes from Crafter’s Companion

Driving rain

TrafficRainOn the bus this morning and thoughts can’t help drifting to the missing 3 year old boy, Mikaeel Kular, last seen on Wednesday evening at his home in Drylaw, Edinburgh.


As I stare into the distance and hope for good news and Mikaeels safe return to his family I suddenly focus on the rain drops running down the number eight’s front window.


I remember from my media studies course about how on TV or in the movies bad news often comes with rain or storms, the ‘sympathetic atmosphere’. Thankfully the same rules don’t apply in real life, and I hope and prey that good news will emerge today and young Mikaeel will be found safe and sound.


The police have a dedicated number to call if you have any information: 0300 200 0200 

and website where you can find the latest information: http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2014/january/206076/



Another sketch from my head, from my time in the Western hospital last week. This one to illustrate congestion on the roads.

Funnily enough it is congestion of another kind that is affecting me today, with my immune system currently down while I am on steroids and medication I seem to have picked up a cold and my head feels like its gone ten rounds with Tyson.