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Inverleith park

We went for a walk through the park today, the sun was shining and the sky was clear and blue.

Inverleith park is opposite the Botanics in Edinburgh and has a beautiful duck pond close to the Stockbridge exit of the park. My wife and I, along with the twins all wrapped up against the wind,  took a bag full of bread to feed the swans, ducks and seagulls that flock there.

Here is a quick (as it was a bit nippy and my fingers were going numb!) sketch of Joanne feeding the swans, a pen sketch with a little watercolour over the top.


Lazing in the sunshine

A warm Sunday afternoon in the capital and with it came a walk with the family around Inverleith Park. This is a quick pencil sketch of four lucky swans, who must of been up early enough to grab this prime sunbathing  spot, right in the middle of the pond. 

Inverleith is a great park, always busy with runners, dog walkers and all sorts of team games being played. For us it’s a beautiful place to push the pram around and feed the ducks, and swans.

I was very relieved to hear the council had decided not to sell their corner of the park to property developers recently. With the amount of parents and children in the park this weekend I imagine an activity/learning centre, with a gallery and outdoor cafe would go down very well.  I could suggest a few pieces for the gallery 😉