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Winters Sun over Arthurs Seat

Sun over Arthurs Seat from Newhaven Road, Edinburgh

I do love the low lying sun at this time of year, for the shiny sandstone and the long shadows, and also the silhouetted buildings which I spotted on my morning drive this week.

This view is looking across Ferry Road from Newhaven Road. Looking towards the city and Holyrood Park in the distance. I had to pull over and sketch from my warm car.

The dark buildings and trees at first merge into one but then the more you look you see the different levels into the distance. The notes of a bus stop and some car lights become visible and hopefully I have captured that feeling of hidden in plain sight.

Drawn in with an ink fine liner and then a little watercolour wash over the top.

Stunning autumn colours at Liberton Kirk in Edinbugh

libertonkirkLiberton Kirk in the south of Einburgh city is currently awash with gorgeous red ivy. When I saw a picture online I now I had to visit.

Sketching on a beautiful calm and sunny morning I was reminded what lovely spaces church yards are, perfect green spaces through out the city perfect for a quiet walk through the falling leaves of this special time of year.

Almost the whole front of the kirk is covered in ivy which is currently a glorious reddy orange but take a look on the Liberton Kirk website and you will see images of the kirk in beautiful greens during the summer.

I met a photographer trying to capture the colours on show and a friendly nursery class collecting orange and red leaves in tiny baskets to take in to the warmth and make an autumn picture from.

I must do that this weekend with the Sketcher Twins 🙂

This sketch was made with a 0.5 fine liner and watercolour using a water brush. Drawn on location. 

Liberton Kirk website


Sketches from Scotland’s partial eclipse

SolarEclipse_2015This morning there was an eclipse of the sun with people all over the world hoping to see the rare event.

Although in Scotland it was a partial eclipse creating a dusk like darkness in Edinburgh, other areas around the world were plunged into darkness as the Moon came between Earth and the Sun.


(Surprised to see clear skies) I hastily pricked a hole through a piece of card so I could see the resultant crescent shaped highlight in the shadow of the card. I realise now the shape created within the cards shadow was a reverse of what you would see if looking directly at the sun, but was much safer.


I traced over the shape created on my pad at different intervals to create the doodles above. Even in times of global chat and video links it was very exciting to think millions of people were watching a variation of the same event all around the world.


Learn more about the eclipse at the BBC News link below, and if you missed this one there will be another in August, 2026.


BBC News eclipse coverage

Signs that Spring has sprung

Crocus_2014Looking for signs of spring today, and what better than these beautiful crocuses sketched in Edinburgh today.

I seem to have been scouring the embankments and park lands for weeks looking for these flourishes of colour which herald the new season and the promise of warmer weather ahead. And then all of a sudden they are everywhere, and so seems the sun this week. Long may it continue!!